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You are a Small Business Owner Marketing Director Human Resources Director Supply Chain Specialist Chief Cook and Bottle Washer

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You know you need to improve your marketing! The success and future of your company depends on it.

We understand exactly where you are. In fact, we have been in your shoes.

You are a CEO VP of Marketing VP of Sales

You are a Small Business Owner Product Development Director Business Growth Planner Supply Chain Specialist Chief Cook and Bottle Washer

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  • Small Business

    You are a Small Business Owner Marketing Director Human Resources Director Supply Chain Specialist Chief Cook and Bottle Washer

    Let's face it. You have to wear a lot of hats to run a small business. That means you are only able to focus on your marketing for a fraction of your time.

    You know you need help, but hiring a full time marketing person isn't in the cards right now.... and likely not for quite a while.

    Maybe you have tried several things yourself and failed. Maybe you have used an agency in the past and were disappointed. You just need something that will work!

    You know that search is important, but unsure about whether paid search or organic search optimization is best.... and maybe a little confused about how to accomplish either.

    You know that you also need some "Advertising," but what? There are tens of thousands of options. What will work best for your business? Should you do display ads? Video? Audio? Traditional Media? ... and what about targeting? You don't want to waste budget on the wrong audience.

    You have also wondered about your brand image. Is it strong enough to generate new clients? Will search or ads work if your brand is weak or (heaven forbid) has a poor reputation with the public?

    And you have tried to put together a marketing plan... at least in your head. But it may not have ever made it onto paper. You know that it is impossible to reach your goals without a strong plan.

    You believe in your business! You know that you and your team are great at what you do. You just need the public to know that too. You need more leads that turn into clients, but you know that is challenging and are not quite sure how to accomplish that.

    We know why you are here. We have helped people in your situation many, many times. We understand where you are, what you have tried, and why it hasn't been as successful as you had hoped.

    We'd love to talk with you and try to help, whether you end up hiring us or not.

  • Medium Sized Business

    You are a CEO VP of Marketing VP of Sales

    Navigating the marketing maze as a mid-size business CEO or Marketing Director comes with its unique set of challenges. You're at the helm... steering through the digital landscape, fully aware that your marketing efforts need to be both strategic and impactful to keep pace with the competition and market demands.

    You may have even reached a point where the internal capabilities of your team are stretched thin. Expanding your marketing prowess is on your radar... and the idea of bringing in external expertise to complement your efforts is both appealing and necessary for growth... but concerning at the same time. You've been down the road of trial and error with various marketing initiatives, perhaps even partnered with agencies in the past, only to find the outcomes didn't quite hit the mark.

    The dilemma of choosing between paid search and organic SEO, or Geo or CTV... or whatever the magical media of the week happens to be... And ensuring your budget is spent wisely to target the most valuable audience for your business... all of these are a familiar battleground.

    It's not just about making noise in the marketplace... it's about making the right kind of noise that resonates with your target audience and amplifies your brand's presence.

    The strength and reputation of your brand in the marketplace are always at the forefront. You know that without a strong brand image, even the most well-crafted marketing campaigns can fall flat.

    An you know that creating a comprehensive marketing plan is no small feat, especially when juggling the myriad responsibilities that come with running a mid-size business. Yet, you know that without a solid plan, reaching your ambitious growth targets will remain a distant goal. You have worked on a plan. You may have even completed it... but is it the right plan?

    You are passionate about your business and confidence in your team's capabilities. The real task is in conveying this to your potential clients.

    At Inner Spark Creative, we get it. We've been in the trenches with mid-size businesses like yours, helping to demystify the marketing landscape and craft strategies that not only speak to your audience but also drive tangible results. Our approach is all about collaboration, transparency, and tailoring our services to meet the unique needs of your business.

    Let's have a chat about how we can support your business's growth ambitions. We're here to offer insights, guidance, and solutions that resonate with your goals, whether you decide to partner with us or not.

  • New Business

    You are a Small Business Owner Product Development Director Business Growth Planner Supply Chain Specialist Chief Cook and Bottle Washer

    You are at the helm of your startup, navigating the vast seas of entrepreneurship. Every day, you're tasked with making decisions that span the breadth of your business, from product development to sales strategies. You know that marketing too often gets squeezed into the margins of your packed schedule.

    You are acutely aware of the need for marketing expertise, yet the reality of your budget means hiring a full-time marketing professional is not justifiable, at least not now.

    Maybe you have experimenting with marketing tactics on your own... maybe facing setbacks and learning through trial and error. You might have even sought help from agencies in the past, only to find the outcomes didn't meet your expectations.

    You understand the importance of both paid search and organic search optimization for your online presence but are caught in the dilemma of allocating your limited resources effectively.

    The vast array of advertising options only compounds this challenge, leaving you pondering over the best channels to invest in—be it display ads, video, audio, or traditional media—and wondering how to target your efforts to avoid waste on the wrong audience.... or the wrong message.... or the wrong media.

    The strength of your brand image weighs on your mind, stirring questions about its ability to attract new clients. You wonder if your marketing efforts will bear fruit if your brand isn't perceived as strong or reputable enough.

    Despite these challenges, you've attempted to sketch out a marketing plan, even if it's just in your thoughts on a napkin. You recognize that a solid plan is essential for reaching your goals, yet finding the time and clarity to put it onto paper is daunting.

    You believe deeply in your business and the capabilities of your team. Convincing the public of this, turning leads into clients, and navigating the complexities of effective marketing are the hurdles you're determined to overcome. But how?

    We see you. We've worked with entrepreneurs like you, understanding the unique challenges you face and the aspirations that drive you. Our experience has equipped us with the insights and strategies tailored for startups looking to make their mark.

    Let's have a conversation. Whether you decide to work with us or not, we're here to listen, understand, and offer guidance that aligns with your vision and challenges.

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