It’s More Than Just a Logo.

If you’re not standing out then you’re blending in.

We make it our goal to provide our clients with bold designs in everything we do. We believe that good ideas are borderless, so we build creative identities, with your core values in mind, that can live in any channel.

We create a brand identity with a personal connection that is based on credibility and authenticity of your product or service.

Good design is important because it often creates a person’s first impression of a brand. Good branding can take the entire history of your organization and tell that story in a single icon that works equally well in color or in black and white.

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Inner Spark starts with the core values of your business in order to create a living, breathing idea. Simply put, a brand is a promise. It’s a promise among you, your customers, and employees. It serves as a mental “shortcut” and when executed correctly is a consistent touchpoint and serves as the cornerstone for your marketing.

A brand is much more than simply a logo, although that’s certainly a key aspect of branding. Logos don’t have to be fancy or complicated (think Apple or Coke), but they do have to be unique and true to all of the promises that your brand delivers.

A brand is the jumping off point for everything that follows since it builds equity over time. When executed correctly, it can be invaluable to the future health and success of your business. Your brand is your voice, vision, and the story that you tell at every touchpoint. It has to be credible, authentic, and a promise that you deliver on at every turn.

Grounded in research and strategic insights, we tap into your brand’s distinctive qualities to inform our creative work. We consistently find innovative ways to express your competitive advantage. We focus on your customer's perspective and ensure your values and attributes are effectively communicated - verbally and visually - across all media platforms.


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