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Email Marketing

Put your message in their inbox.

Email marketing is the digital marketing strategy whereby you send emails to prospects and customers. Effective email marketing converts prospects into customers, and turns one-time buyers into loyal fans.

Building brand loyalty and driving repeat business requires constant nurturing. Email marketing allows you to stay connected with your customers, keeping you and your product front of mind. Whether it is announcing a special sale or event, a members-only exclusive, a VIP event or a coupon offer; email lets your customers know you value their business while fostering goodwill - leading to repeat business, valuable referrals, and more satisfied customers. Our team will make a great impression with your customers at a fraction of the cost of direct mail.

Our designers, developers and copywriters work together to create beautiful, functional emails designed to enhance the subscriber’s experience and make brand messages more clear and actionable. We stay ahead of the curve with inbox innovation and kinetic design while remaining grounded in what works.

Email marketing doesn’t have to be limited to a one off launch email or a monthly newsletter, it can be much more dynamic and strategic - keeping your loyal customer informed or providing information to someone wanting to learn more.

Nurture programs are a sequence of emails informing and educating your customer or prospective customers about your latest product or your service. It is a low pressure way to help inform a consumer during their purchase process.

The team at Inner Spark can help you plan an entire email communications strategy; the content to be housed in each email, call to actions, images versus videos, the click throughs and the duration between each email to ensure you don’t spam or deter customers.

This alternative means that there are no pushy sales people demanding you buy their product. It allows your customer to feel like they are in control and that they have the choice to read or not read each piece of content. It’s a softer approach that often results in a better outcome as it’s common knowledge that everyone does their research for products online before purchase. By sending them a sequence of emails over a period of time, they might have already chosen to your service or product before even walking in to your business!

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