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At Inner Spark, our team is constantly working to leverage the latest technology to help your business obtain more relevant leads and stay top-of-mind.

We understand that maximizing your exposure to potential customers is an incredibly important aspect of any marketing service. Geofencing helps get your business in front of the right people based on geography and behaviour. Your ideal audience can be targeted at a variety of locations - even competing businesses.

We think that your ability to hyper-target and get incredibly localized with your advertising matters more than anything else. We can help you effectively utilize this strategy.

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Geofencing works to keep your business top-of mind all while subconsciously solidifying your business as the local expert.

As a location-based strategy, we can use geofencing to serve ads to people based on where that device is or has been. This particular tool works by leveraging tracking capabilities on mobile phones. It is extremely precise and can even target people that enter specific buildings. With geofencing you can include up to 1 million specified locations within a single campaign.

Geofencing is also effectively used when targeting competitor locations. By geofencing these areas, you can reach target audiences that are spending or are considering spending with competing businesses. When a potential customer visits a competing business, your advertisements will be remarketed to that customer for a period of up to 90 days.

Advertisements that stem from geofencing can be used in multiple digital formats. This means this type of advertisement can be tailored to fit your needs. Geofencing is a great way to increase your store’s foot traffic and sales all while attracting valuable leads to visit your business.

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