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IP Targeting

Digital marketing is always evolving and at Inner Spark, we stay up-to-date on new trends. IP Targeting is a great new strategy that helps to maximize your audience with relevant consumers, helping you get the most out of your money.

IP targeting allows us to deliver digital ads to specific physical addresses, reaching all devices connected to the internet at those physical addresses. For example, we can input a list of an advertiser’s current customers and serve ads to all the neighboring homes. This works well for home service clients like HVAC or Pest Control. Homes within a neighborhood are typically similar in home value, demographics, and household income.

At Inner Spark Creative , we look at the needs of our clients and strategize the best ways we can use IP Targeting. From new movers to existing neighborhoods, we can target those who will need your services.

The best part about IP targeting is the ability to look at a “match-back” and tie actual ROI dollars back to the campaign. After we serve digital ads to specific addresses, we can then compare how many of those users targeted by the campaign became new customers of the advertiser. This helps us see how effective our targeting is as well as view the amount of revenue each of those new customers represents. For example, “I spent X on the advertising and got a return of Y in new revenue for the dollars I spent”.

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