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The internet is continuously changing which makes it hard to keep up with the shifting landscape. In marketing, you have to be on top of the latest trends to keep your company and clients ahead of the competition. Pay-per-click advertising is a newer avenue marketers are going down to help drive users to a company's website without the price tag of traditional advertising.

"Businesses make an average of $2 in revenue for every $1 they spend on Google Ads ." - Google

Pay-per-click advertising only pays the network when the ad is clicked. This model can generate thousands of impressions without a hefty price tag.

Pay-per-click has endless benefits and is very effective for small businesses. It allows your beautifully designed webpage to rise to populate on the first page of a search engine, helping to drive frequent click throughs to your page. This will increase the number of new customers and potential leads you have interacting with your website. Pay-per-click can be as short-term or as long-term as you like with a budget that works best for you.

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We’re an agency that believes the best and most effective advertising is integrated, not isolated. Since we serve all flavors of advertising, we never push one option on clients, rather we recommend a blend of options that will best achieve your goals. Our purpose, along with creating images and headlines, is to help clients identify the bigger picture and attain tangible goals.

According to shopping trends, over 50% of Americans prefer to shop online. This means driving traffic to your website is a priority if you want a successful online presence.

With pay-per-click advertising ( PPC ), you pay the network only when an advertisement is clicked, allowing ads running on the search engine to deliver hundreds of thousands of impressions without costing you a cent.

Investing in Search Engine Marketing allows your company to develop clear and concise advertisements with messaging tailored to a user’s individual search query. Although optimization is usually the most economic option, SEO is a long-term strategic endeavor. We often recommend Google Ads for clients seeking an immediate presence on Google’s first page while they climb the ranks with SEO.

We can help you analyze ad performance in real time, allowing you to optimize where appropriate to produce quality results. With these live metrics, we can change things like copy and creative, play with keywords, or include a promotion. We also have the ability to look at the demographic data via analytics, which can better help inform us when we are implementing a holistic marketing campaign for your brand or product.

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