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Video Marketing

Without engaging content, you can’t draw your audience in and keep them wanting more. Our team’s creative minds are constantly curating content that helps educate, build brand trust, and moves customers to a purchase decision faster.

With so many video platforms to choose from, Inner Spark can help you decide what type of video marketing you need and where to use it. We have experience implementing video ads on Youtube, Facebook , as organic social content, as CTV/OTT advertisements, and on websites. Our team can provide long-form clips, short-form clips, brand films, product videos, testimonials, hype reels, and vignettes - the list of video capabilities can go on. We know how to capture attention and deliver on brand value.

Your content is one very important part of your brand story. We can help you tell that story.

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The idea that video content is an excellent marketing tool is not new. What is new is the increasing importance and reliance consumers are placing on video content. YouTube, Facebook, and Instagram all have huge numbers of monthly active users. This means the opportunities to engage consumers through captivating video content has never been this accessible.

Technology is constantly being innovated, and consumers are demanding more video content. Video can be optimized for mobile consumption which makes the increased number of “on-the-go” consumers easily accessible through services like CTV/OTT, YouTube Pre-roll, and other video advertisements.

Videos are convenient, easy to consume, and they can appeal to the most dismissive buyers (those who don’t want to read text). This leaves your product or service ingrained in your customer’s mind with little effort on their behalf.

Social videos generate 1,200% more shares than text and images combined. Your brand evolves continually and telling that story is important to keep your audience connected and to bring in new viewers which could eventually become loyal customers. Video does what text doesn’t. It creates an immediate, real, and authentic interaction opportunity and connects with an audience who can react and share content in real time.

Let us help find the type of video marketing that is best for your business.

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