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Logo Design

When you think about some of your favorite products and brands, what comes to mind? Most likely you form an image in your head of what the product looks like, including what colors and images are associated with it.


For example, think about La Croix sparkling water. You can probably spot them on the shelves a mile away in the grocery store because you recognize the branding they use: intricate designs mixed with colors that match the flavor, and a font that feels elegant and fancy.


Social Media for your business

Using social media as a marketing tool has become extremely important for businesses. Not only is social media a place for you to share important information, products or promotions, but it’s also a direct way for your company to interact and engage with your customers or potential customers.

As of 2017, 81 percent of the U.S. population is on social media. There’s currently over 1.96 billion social media users, and that number is expected to grow to 2.5 billion by 2018. It’s now more important than ever for your business to utilize social media.