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Marketing shouldn’t be a daunting task, it should be a helpful solution that makes you money. Partnering with a trusted marketing agency is the first step to boosting your business in a stress-free way. With the increase in agencies, it can be hard to know which agency to go with. Whether it’s reputation, personality, or capabilities, here are the best ways to find the right marketing agency for you.

Understand Your Needs & Budget

The first step to finding a marketing agency that fits your needs is to first identify those needs. Needs vary for each business, from seeking brand awareness to increasing sales. It may help to visit an agency and get a feel for what services are available to you.

After looking at all of the capabilities, you can then determine your marketing budget. As a strong rule of thumb, a marketing budget should be a percentage of your revenue averaging 5% to 10%. Knowing what you are willing to spend will help the advertising agency figure out what they can do to help improve your business. Marketing should never be an expense and should always be an investment. A good marketing agency will help you optimize your budget for the highest return on investment.

Demand Transparency

A marketing agency should be completely transparent with you. When researching agencies, look for reviews, portfolios, and client lists. This will help you get a better feel for how open the agency is willing to be. Look for their core values on their website and socials. At Inner Spark Creative, we believe in open communication because we are more than a vendor–always a partner.

Look for Credibility

Research the credibility of the agency you are interested in. Look for reviews on Google and on the website and see if the testimonials seem authentic. When talking to agencies, feel free to ask for client references and even a client that did not go well. It is important to know how an agency dealt with a client that did not go well along with ones that did. Call these references and have a conversation. You are more likely to get more information over the phone than through email. Being able to find an agency that truly cares about its client's success and well-being will go a long way when working with an agency. This goes back to looking for an agency with transparency.

Local Agencies

If you are looking for a marketing agency, search local! Local agencies are more familiar with the area and how to target your desired audiences. On top of that, local agencies are more likely to care about your business and want to watch you grow. Local marketing agencies understand your market and how to make it successful. And, like Inner Spark Creative, most local agencies have a personal connection to the community and want to see it thrive.

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At Inner Spark Creative, we want to help make your business as successful as possible. Because we are a local advertising agency in Auburn, Alabama we know how to successfully market to your target audience. Contact us today to see how we can help your business!

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