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Inner Spark Creative Advertising Agency Intern

Hello Blogosphere!

My name is Catherine Perez, Cat for short, and I am the newest intern at Inner Spark Creative. I have just completed my first full week and I have lots to share. Some things that I have learned from being on the job include: Legends has awesome food. (perks of having a food client…maybe Swanson will give me free diamonds next!)

All jokes aside, I am really excited to work here! My first week has been filled with tasks to do. I am not your typical coffee-getting, paper-printing intern.

I have learned how to work with Hootsuite. For those who have not worked with Hootsuite or even heard of such a thing, it is a website that helps companies like Inner Spark Creative manage multiple social media platforms (ex. Twitter and Facebook). We use it to schedule posts for the clients. According to Jarrett, I am pretty speedy at inputting client’s content for learning how to use Hootsuite a week ago!

Other than Hootsuite, I have gotten to learn a lot about how to content curate. Basically, content curation is fancy for “Google information about our client and things that relate to them”. Through content curation, I have a better understanding of what is appropriate for certain businesses, how humorous posts about jewelry and sports can get weird real fast and lastly, that it is really hard to find pictures that are dated before 1980 on the internet.

I think the most rewarding part of the internship so far is seeing something as little as a post I plugged into Hootsuite on a client’s Facebook page. I know that sounds silly, but it has been pretty enjoyable to see something I worked on get posted!

Stay tuned for some of my other blog posts! Thanks for reading!

Cat Perez

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