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Inner Spark Creative Internship

Hello, there!

My name is Emily Yearout, and I’m the newest intern at Inner Spark Creative. I’m a second-semester senior graduating in May. So, yes, the “What are you doing after school?” question is in full force. I’m a marketing major in the College of Business, and hope to see my business foundation apply in the future work I do at Inner Spark Creative. I’m from Birmingham, Alabama, and hope to move to Nashville after school to work in advertising . I always have to specify that because sometimes when I say I want to move to Nashville, people assume that it’s to pursue a country music career. I can assure you that would be a disaster.

This is actually my first day at Inner Spark Creative, and I can’t wait to see what the rest of the semester holds because I’ve already learned a ton. I’m really excited about this opportunity because clearly the partners are passionate about the work they’re doing here. I’m hoping to be able to use and apply everything I learn about social media marketing trends, advertising strategy, and client relations in my future career. I’ve grown up in a die-hard Auburn family (really, my mom would adopt Aubie if she could), which means I love being at Inner Spark Creative where they strive to help local businesses thrive and flourish. One of my main goals is to always be able to market something that I can believe in and truly be passionate about, and Inner Spark Creative definitely mirrors that goal. I’m also interested to learn more about their graphic design work because I have little experience in that area, and it’s just super cool. Graphic design always makes me wish I had some sliver of artistic ability, especially here where the graphics and logos designed for clients are awesome. I promise they did not tell me to say that.

Spring semester always flies by, I can’t believe it’s already February! I’m pumped to be interning right now because there’s a lot of exciting things happening for Inner Spark Creative in the upcoming months! Stay tuned for more updates on all the cool things happening here, and be on the look out for more blog posts through the eyes of the interns.

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