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You Need to Join the Shouting Match!

Perhaps the first question a business owner might ask, when considering advertising their business, is “Should I advertise at all?” Well, it is estimated that the average person receives between three and five thousand advertising messages per day. Given the huge volume of marketing that is going on out there, being heard above the crowd may seem like an uphill battle. But you can be sure that if you do not advertise, it will be by divine intervention that your business is found at all.

The fundamental questions that proceed from the intent to advertise are rooted in the identity of the business itself. Although you may be simply offering a product or a service, your customers are going to remember (and identify with) your business if it reflects values that your customers possess, or want to possess. Then, the questions that follow revolve around the presentation of that identity: What is your message? Who is your target audience?

While the owner must be the one to establish the identity of their business, the services of a marketing professional can be immensely helpful in guiding the communication of that identity to customers. People like us make sure that a business doesn’t suffer from mistaken identity; we strive to craft messages that secure a business’s unique position in its market. We’re on the lookout for messages that are inconsistent, inappropriate, or even insensitive, and we fix them by maximizing their universal appeal.

We believe that for every company that does great work, there is a market - a host of enthusiastic people who will reward that company by availing themselves of its services. Success, however, is more than just “if you build it, they will come.” Rather, I would refer you to an older, purer piece of wisdom: “How can they hear, unless someone tells them?” A great business is worth talking about. As the owner, it is fundamental that you control, as much as you can, the message people hear about your business. We as advertisers are eyes-in-the-sky, broad-perspective partners that can guide your message.

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