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Retro Design Trends

Design trends come and go with the times. Retro design is becoming more alive than ever since 2019. Retro trends have popped up in all different segments of design from product and interior to graphic and social media design. Many big brands like Nike have been using elements of nostalgic design in ads, marketing campaigns, and products and receive positive feedback and success.

The revival of retro motifs has been a huge trend in the past few years. So if you want to know how to get the vintage retro vibe into your design, here is Inner Spark Creative’s guide to the biggest trends for each decade from the 60s to the 90s.

Education Marketing

Over time marketing trends change and new trends are created. There are many different ways to stay up to date with potential new trends or enhance the skills you already have within your marketing career. Whether it's taking an online course or enhancing the skills you already have, there are many ways to broaden your knowledge in marketing.

Video Marketing

So, you are thinking about video marketing for your business. What platforms should you use? What platforms are available? Lots of vendors claim to be video platforms, but perform a variety of functions. Some are better for different types of marketing and who you are trying to reach. Inner Spark Creative has created this guide to video marketing including the pros and cons of each major platform of video marketing, Vimeo and YouTube.

Cohesive Marketing

Cohesive marketing is an important part of your marketing strategy. Social media and email marketing are important, but a cohesive marketing plan is more cost-effective and profitable. At Inner Spark Creative, we have put together a guide to learn more about a cohesive marketing plan and how to get started with one.

Marketing Specialist Auburn

Having a team filled with knowledgeable professionals is key at a marketing or advertising agency. Whether you’re wanting to take on a job at an agency, or you’re a business that will soon be working with one, it's important to know the different job positions at the agency and what they do. Each person on a team will have a title and sometimes it's hard to figure out what tasks that job title entails.

Best Marketing Services

What is the difference between in-house firms and agencies? Not many people know the difference between the two. When deciding which kind of advertising team for your business to use, choosing between in-house or agency firms is an important decision.

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