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Social Media Marketing

Marketers have acknowledged the importance of utilizing social media in marketing since it was created. Social media is a useful resource that allows your message to instantly reach millions of people simultaneously which is impossible to do with traditional marketing tactics. Although its significance is widely recognized, businesses often overlook the benefits of social media marketing.

Because there are several types of social media and different platforms to choose from, businesses often opt out of using it to avoid the overwhelming process of establishing an online brand. However, choosing the right social media based on the specifications of your business and your target audience can be a simple process that yields effective results.

Micro Moments

Marketing your product is a tricky thing to nail and needs to be done in a way that grabs your audience members’ attention. It is important to acknowledge the fact that your brand is not the center of your consumer’s world, and advertising is often seen as a nuisance to people who come across it. As technology continues to evolve, information overload has only become more and more prevalent. With endless amounts of material at our fingertips, it can be hard to pick and choose exactly what we consume. To combat this, micro-moment advertising has been created to take full advantage of the instances where your targeted individuals are seeking out information to make sure your product is at the top of their search.

Peak Posting

Social media has brought about extensive digital transformation by providing a place where people can connect instantly with brands, stay up to date on current events, and say whatever is on their minds. In 2021, businesses cannot simply post at any given time and expect high engagement. Instead, businesses need to take a more strategic approach due to the ever-changing algorithms on social media and the increased volume of posts.

Brands and consumers are often operating at different times which can lead to varying patterns of engagement and interaction. Each social media platform has peak times where users tend to be more active. Since social media has taken on an essential role in brand success, it is important to post during these peak times in order to get the best results.

How Social Media Algorithms Work

Algorithms are a calculated method of sorting posts to determine which make it to the top of the feed based on relevancy instead of the time it's posted. This means that an algorithm is used to strategically place the posts you see on platforms such as Facebook and Instagram.

You may be wondering, “Why is this important?” Algorithms help deliver content to the consumer based on what it determines to be potentially more interesting for the user. This is done as an attempt to filter through the mass amounts of content. Algorithms do tend to favor paid social media over organic social media because of the revenue received from promoting this type of content. If this is an option for you, paid social media can help boost your posts into a higher-quality category that will allow you to reach a larger audience who share similar interests. Several factors can influence the “best time to post” that can help you reach your desired audience regardless of the algorithm.

Peak Times

There is no perfect time to post on social media but there are better times. Demographics, behavior patterns, and audience types can come into play as factors that will influence the best times for you to post. Your posting schedule will also depend on the type of industry you are in and the target audience you plan to reach.


On average, the best time to post on Facebook for higher visibility is from 10 a.m. to 11 a.m. Posting between 1 p.m. and 3 p.m. is the ideal time for your brand to receive the most shares and interaction.

Most users log on in the morning after they have settled into work. Early mornings through the early afternoon tend to have the most consistent engagement rate because the majority of Facebook’s audience are adults. Weekends are reported as the worst days to post on this platform because of its low interaction rates and lower volume during peak hours.


The best time to post on Instagram falls later in the day with the peak time for engagement being at 11 a.m Monday through Friday.

Tuesday has become the best day to post on Instagram as users remain the most active and engaged for the longest period. Sunday has become the worst day to post because it has become oversaturated with fun weekend posts from its younger audience.

Audience or Industry

Every audience is unique, but most of the data discussed includes business and individual accounts from different locations. These statistics should serve as a starting point for your brand to understand your audience’s unique social media patterns. As you get a better understanding for when your audience is online and interacting with content, you may need to adjust your posting schedule to fit their peak times.

To set up your posting schedule, start by determining morning commute times, lunch breaks, and other common weekday times that could be beneficial for B2B businesses. Once you start posting, review your social media analytics and engagement rates to see what has worked the best and what has not.

Posting regularly is an important step when trying to determine the best times to post on social media. The number of posts differs depending on your industry, audience, and the specific platform you choose to use. Facebook, for instance, encourages a business to post at least three times a week, while Instagram’s number of optimal posts is at least once a day. Posting can help you determine what type of posts succeed and at what times engagement is at an all-time high.

How We Can Help

Inner Spark Creative is a full service creative marketing agency that effectively utilizes paid and organic social media to benefit your business. Our team of experts is here to provide you with the necessary tools and knowledge to further your social media platforms. We take the time to plan out and test which posts work for your specific goals and give you the best return on investment for your brand. If you are interested in growing your social media, contact us today for a free marketing consultation.

Email Newsletter

What is an Email Newsletter

Based on current marketing trends, emails can seem behind the curb or outdated. Despite this perception, email newsletters have become an effective means of boosting branded content for your company. Essentially, email newsletters are mass emails that are used in scheduled marketing campaigns and are sent out to your mailing list. They can help build and maintain relationships with your audience to inform them of news, updates, or tips about your products or services. Not to mention, creating an email newsletter is generally relatively easy.


Chances are that at some point after browsing multiple sites when shopping online, you have suddenly decided against buying that item you had sitting in your cart. Removing this item from your cart or just leaving it in the cart without purchasing it has positioned you to be susceptible to remarketing. If you then return to your personal social media accounts, you may receive an advertisement that showcases the very item you were looking at.


While many people may be unfamiliar with the terms geofencing and geoframing, advertisers have been using these practices in recent years to create effective and personalized advertisements. Geofencing and geoframing are marketing techniques that effectively utilize tracking services to send targeted advertisements to people that physically enter a specific area. These are tactics that will often increase customer loyalty, provide an edge over your competition, and ultimately achieve a higher return on investment.

Geofencing and geoframing are often used interchangeably in the industry, but there are some characteristics that differentiate these two advertising methods. In an effort to help you distinguish between geofencing and geo-framing, we have defined each term and described how these practices can be beneficial for your business.

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