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What is an Email Newsletter

Based on current marketing trends, emails can seem behind the curb or outdated. Despite this perception, email newsletters have become an effective means of boosting branded content for your company. Essentially, email newsletters are mass emails that are used in scheduled marketing campaigns and are sent out to your mailing list. They can help build and maintain relationships with your audience to inform them of news, updates, or tips about your products or services. Not to mention, creating an email newsletter is generally relatively easy.


Chances are that at some point after browsing multiple sites when shopping online, you have suddenly decided against buying that item you had sitting in your cart. Removing this item from your cart or just leaving it in the cart without purchasing it has positioned you to be susceptible to remarketing. If you then return to your personal social media accounts, you may receive an advertisement that showcases the very item you were looking at.


While many people may be unfamiliar with the terms geofencing and geoframing, advertisers have been using these practices in recent years to create effective and personalized advertisements. Geofencing and geoframing are marketing techniques that effectively utilize tracking services to send targeted advertisements to people that physically enter a specific area. These are tactics that will often increase customer loyalty, provide an edge over your competition, and ultimately achieve a higher return on investment.

Geofencing and geoframing are often used interchangeably in the industry, but there are some characteristics that differentiate these two advertising methods. In an effort to help you distinguish between geofencing and geo-framing, we have defined each term and described how these practices can be beneficial for your business.


When it comes to marketing your business, it is important to consider your available options. A marketing agency can provide a number of benefits when it comes to advertising your business. Not every agency is the same, so if you’re considering partnering with an agency, it is important to make the right decision for you and your business. That is why we have compiled some of the benefits of working with an agency.

Visual Search

Mobile shopping has become the new standard and norm for retail, with customers purchasing anything from new clothes to their weekly groceries through a quick, keyword search in a search engine. It is for this reason that visual search has skyrocketed in popularity over the last few years, with one of its most popular apps, Pinterest Lens, reporting 100% year-over-year user growth—and accounting for up to 600 million visual searches monthly.


Digital content is constantly evolving in an effort to keep up with the ever-changing technological world. This means your marketing strategy has to work just as hard to stay up to date. Small changes are often made in content that can make it increasingly difficult to distinguish between the changing trends. However, 2021 has proven so far to be a year of major shifts in terms of the content that is produced and the trends that drive it.

It can be challenging to produce successful content without a thorough grasp of the strategies that are being implemented. This is why it is so crucial to understand the current marketing trends and keep an eye out for shifts that could mark a new trend. Ultimately, this will allow your business to make the most of its marketing budget while staying relevant to its target audience. Having the ability to predict how trends will change in the future provides a strategic advantage over your competition. Before implementing a new content strategy, consider how the current trends could be beneficial for your business.

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