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As some social media users say, if you went somewhere and didn’t take a picture, did it actually happen? The same thing goes for posting on social channels, and if you post something and no one in your target audience saw it, did the post have any sort of effect? The short answer is no.

It is easy for people to confuse public relations with advertising because they have similar qualities. Both share the same goals: promoting a product or service and making them seem as successful, honest, important, exciting or relevant as possible. But the paths to creating awareness are vastly different. Public relations is focused on raising your company’s authority through building and maintaining relationships and managing your company’s reputation. It is “earned” media and credibility, rather than paying for brand visibility as you can do with an advertising budget. Public relations is a vital element for a business and without it, most businesses may not see the success and development they are striving for. Success of a company is based around client and customer satisfaction. If your customers are not happy with your products or services, then your company will not be a reliable source for future customers either. In order to build an image of trust with the public, you need public relations. Listed below are five reasons why it is necessary for your business to implement a public relations strategy.

Digital advertising has taken over the market, especially in this past year, surpassing more traditional media such as TV, radio and print. According to marketing research firm eMarketer, the United States digital ad spend will grow 19% to $129.34 billion this year, which is about 54% of the estimated total ad spend. More than two-thirds of that digital spend will be on mobile phones, which is about $87 billion this year. This proves that digital advertising is necessary for companies to remain competitive in their market.

Social media was originally created to provide a space for users to communicate, network, and make new friendships and maintain old ones. However, recently in the past few years, it has become a successful avenue for companies to advertise and grow their business as well. Facebook pioneered this frontier breaking out their advertising capabilities, but with the recent acquisition of Instagram, Instagram has become an extremely effective advertising platform for businesses of any size. Social advertising pricing makes it much more affordable for a big and small business to be successful on their platforms.