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Content Curation vs. Content Creation

According to Hubspot, “content helps you attract, engage, and delight prospects and customers, bring new visitors to your site, and ultimately, generate revenue for your company.” When you create content you are providing free and useful information to your audience. Making sure that you are taking the proper approach within your content marketing strategy is vital to your overall marketing strategy.

Incorporating CSR Into Your Marketing

Every type of business, whether small or large, needs a marketing strategy to be successful. Marketing strategies can differ depending on what goods and services companies are offering and how each company is trying to brand itself. However, there is one aspect of marketing that every company should incorporate into their strategy and that is corporate social responsibility.

10 Trends in Digital Marketing

Everyday, new technologies and social media platforms are created, making it essential for your business to stay up-to-date with the latest trends. The digital marketing landscape is constantly evolving, and what worked last year will definitely not cut it in 2020 and beyond. If you don’t adapt, you will be left behind.

Here are the top 10 trends in digital marketing you cannot ignore:

5 Signs It Is Time For A Rebrand

Most things in life a person can outgrow. Whether it is clothes, people, their living space, it is human nature to keep changing and evolving with time. Your brand has a life too and is no different. Hubspot discusses the importance of this by stating how successful branding “gives your business an identity beyond its product or service. It gives consumers something to relate to and connect with”. Brands constantly should be reevaluated and redefined to ensure they are staying in tune with everchanging times while relating to your audience. If your brand seems to be in a rut, that could mean it is time to undergo a full rebrand for your business. Below we have included a few telltale signs that it is time to switch things up.

Understanding Insights 101

If your company uses any social media platform or has its own website, you need to be able to comprehend and properly execute insights. Insights allow you to better understand your audience, find ways to improve your online presence and see how your company compares to its competitors. Insights can be extremely intimidating to the average Joe. If words such as analytics, impression or reach go over your head, keep reading!

Why Having a Blog is Important for Your Company

Are you a small business trying to build your brand? Are you unsure how to direct more traffic to your website? A company blog can help resolve these problems.

Give your employees a voice on your webpage and a chance to brag about your company. Blogs can be fun, informative and a great way to build your brand. There are plenty of topics to write about no matter your business. Provide your readers with helpful tips that make life easier.

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