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Why Is Your New Website Not Receiving Traffic?

So you have just launched a brand new website for your company, but after reading up on your analytics you realize your website traffic is not at the level you’d like it to be. You could have one of the best websites in your industry, but if you are not utilizing the correct tools within it, there are very little odds of potential customers finding your site. Think of your website as a house for your company, the framework is there, but if you don’t build a road to your house how are people going to come visit you? We are here to share with you the top reasons why your website is not receiving traffic and how you can go about finding solutions.

The Future of Influencer Marketing After COVID-19

COVID-19 has resulted in most people having to stay at home for the past couple of months. Due to this, digital has taken over. Whether it is being used to receive news updates, stay in touch with friends and relatives or, how most brands are using it, to sell products and services.

Audiences want to receive communications digitally now, leading to a shift in influencer marketing. If you thought you were seeing a lot of it before, be prepared for major changes and increases in this area.

Chatbots: Transforming Customer Service

Chatbots are artificial intelligence (AI) that simulate human conversation. They can also be known as digital assistants. But why are they important? Chatbots can be utilized in a company website or as a standalone app to answer customer questions with a series of programmed responses. They eliminate the need for someone to be sitting at a computer waiting for customer questions.

Chatbots can be used on Facebook Messenger or Twitter and many standalone applications. They work in the same way that Siri on your iPhone does. These chatbots can interact over text or even provide verbal responses.

Geofencing and Does Your Company Need it

Are you looking for a new and modern way of stepping up your business’ advertisement game? Do you want to jumpstart your company’s sales and increase customer satisfaction and loyalty? Then it is time for you to participate in one of the fastest growing marketing trends in the world: Geofencing.

COVID-19: How Brands Have Successfully Adjusted Ads

The year 2020 certainly took a turn with the spread of the coronavirus outbreak. Seemingly all aspects of life were affected and had to be adjusted in order to follow new social distancing and quarantine guidelines. Some of our favorite brands took a big hit as well, which opened up some interesting opportunities when it comes to advertising. With product sales taking a large dip, but an audience that is watching up to 60% more than usual from remaining inside, brands took varying approaches to this new market. Now, companies are not selling, but building relationships with consumers by creating ad campaigns to inspire hope and comfort to a worrisome audience. This has presented a rare moment for brands to demonstrate their core values to the public, without prioritizing making a profit. Below are a few of our favorite, and most successful COVID-19 adjusted ad campaigns.

Why the Heck Do Hackers Hack?

It has happened to us all. Whether it was your Facebook account or your work email, almost all of us have fallen victim to internet hackers.

One of the first things that might pop into our mind after realizing the misfortune is “Why me?” but to a hacker, the question becomes “Why not you and thousands of other people like you?”

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