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How We Do Business

What Makes Inner Spark Different

More than a Vendor

The Agency That's Different

We made a list of everything people hate about working with an agency and decided not to do those things. We decided you deserve better.

We're no-nonsense: we happily listen to the life-story of your company, so that we won't waste your time pushing services on you that won't reach your audience. Advertising should never be an expense – it should make you money. We favor a flat rate over an hourly rate for services, and we won't surprise you with bills for conversations.

We're dependable: if you need to talk to us, we will not run and hide. Deadlines are more like promises than suggestions to us.

We want results! And so should you. The effects of some advertising services can be measured, while others strengthen a brand overall. We know the difference, and we're truthful about what you should expect from each kind of advertising effort. Advertising should never be an expense – it should make you money. We say it twice because we really mean it.

Always a Partner

The Agency That Cares

You deserve a partner that cares as much about your success as you do. At Inner Spark, we take our business relationships personally.

Yesterday's advertising philosophy focused on convincing people to buy. Today, we know people want an experience and a sense of belonging. Our client relationships are just that – a relationship, and we are as committed to our client's success as we are to our own.

We live in a world that never stands still. Advertising has changed dramatically in the last generation – from making a sale into making a connection between people and brands they can believe in. People identify with companies that share their values, and shared values make loyalty as simple as being true to oneself.

Our approach to our clients takes its cue from the new relation between people and the brands they care about. We can't imagine working for a client without knowing and caring about what they stand for. We help our clients set their marketing goals – and form a plan to reach them – because it is the most responsible way to build a brand. And we intend to help them every step of the way, offering solutions as though our paycheck depends on it – because it kind of does.

And we play to win: we're not afraid to think with our clients through creative solutions to market challenges, and we feel personally gratified by our clients' successes.

We want to partner with you.

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