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Community involvement: A member of the Auburn Chamber of Commerce

Auburn may seem like a small town to some, but take one look at the Auburn Chamber of Commerce and it’s easy to see that this city is bustling with new businesses, creative ideas, and goals for the future of the “Loveliest Village on the Plains.” Inner Spark Creative is proud to be an active member of the chamber, and to be a part of the business community they foster.

The Auburn Chamber of Commerce works with businesses in the area to strengthen the business community and environment by providing resources and leadership aimed at propelling the city forward. The staff is comprised of business owners and leaders in the community, while also calling upon students at Auburn University who make up such a prominent component of the market.

Here at Inner Spark, joining the chamber was a no-brainer. They offer countless resources, such as e-newsletters and young professionals workshops, in order to keep everyone up to date with the latest news and business happenings. As a company that works with so many local businesses, it is an honor to be a part of the chamber, given their similar focus on assisting the community in every possible way.

Earlier in 2018, the Auburn Chamber of Commerce celebrated it’s 69th year at the annual dinner, which is hosted in the Auburn Arena. There, the chairman and president discussed the progress and growth that the chamber witnessed during 2017, recognizing that there are now over 1,000 members. The chairman spoke on the growth of the chapter, saying that while numbers are not the most important goal, the more the chapter grows, the more the chamber will be able to accomplish in order to serve its members even better.

Arguably one of the most beneficial offerings of the chamber are the numerous events, workshops, and boot-camps. As one of the primary marketing and creative agencies in the area, we always take advantage of the chamber’s marketing boot-camp. The boot-camp invites some of the greatest marketing and advertising minds in the area to come and lead speaker sessions. We are proud to have presented at the boot camp on various marketing topics for the past three years.

The chamber does an exceptional job of letting its members know they are cared for by hosting events like this that bring opportunities like this to our own backyard. It’s easy to look at the big city conferences and seminars and be envious of the information that you think you might be missing, but the chamber ensures that our city will thrive just as much by taking the time and care to plan educational events such as these. They also widely publicize the event, and making attendance easily available to ensure that as many people have access to that resource as possible.  

One of our primary focuses is making sure our clients feel as though they are heard, and that their ideas and opinions are always considered first in decisions. We pride ourselves in being “more than a vendor, always a partner.” It does not benefit either party for us to recommend services that won’t yield results, or provide a one size fits all approach to the unique businesses which we serve. We always form a personal relationship with our clients, and take an individualized approach to all of them.

With those values of individualization and care at the heart of all we do, it is always refreshing to work with people who share those same ideals, such as the Auburn Chamber of Commerce. They recognize that it is the diversity of businesses and people in Auburn that help make this place so special, and we are thrilled to be a part of that.

With deep roots in the city of Auburn, we have been able to watch this city grow and develop through the years. As mentioned at the last chamber meeting, it has been interesting watching the rest of the country discover the gem that is Auburn. For example, Southern Living recognized Auburn as the 7th best small town in the south. This increased awareness about our little village has brought more tourists to the town, giving the chamber an even larger responsibility to serve the businesses here, in order to make sure those businesses serve the people.

As the university continues to grow in stature, excellence, and world wide recognition, it will be interesting to watch the city continue to grow and adapt to fit changing needs. No matter where we go as a city, you can count on the chamber to do all they can to provide us with all the resources and tools we need to grow, while maintaining the unique charm within the town.

Business is booming, and the state of this city is indeed great. We are so happy to do business with some of the greatest people, in this city that we love so dearly, and are thankful for all that the Auburn Chamber of Commerce does to help us, and help the community.

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Inner Spark Creative Interns
Inner Spark Creative Interns
Inner Spark Creative is proud to foster the next generation of digital media experts through our comprehensive internship program. Our interns, primarily sourced from Auburn University, bring fresh perspectives and innovative ideas to our projects. As part of their hands-on learning experience, they contribute valuable content to our platform, demonstrating the skills and knowledge they've acquired. Inner Spark Creative is committed to contributing to the education and professional development of our interns, preparing them for successful careers in digital media and beyond.

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