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Lee County Bounce Back

Eager to help our local community bounce back? Lee County Bounce Back is Inner Spark Creative ’s most recent initiative to give back to theour local community during these challenging times.

Lee County has endured challenges and there is a long road ahead to recovery. Together, we can help preserve the great place we all live in and love!

Lee County Bounce Back is a shop local campaign intended to give our local businesses support, bring the community together and help heal the economy. This campaign will serve as a platform for businesses to support each other and help boost the economy following the hardship that has been imposed on many as a result of COVID-19.

This campaign intends to get residents shopping at local stores rather than online. Community members and businesses can access the campaign at

Lee County residents can take the Bounce Back pledge and commit to eat out locally at least once a week, shop at a local store, plan an evening out with friends or family and buy something you’ve been wanting for a while, locally of course.

Once you take the pledge, you can share the graphic on your favorite social media platform to show your support!

The Lee County Bounce Back campaign will be beneficial to the community, helping it to heal quicker and everyone come together again. Any small commitment you make will have a large impact on Auburn, Opelika and Lee County.

When visiting the website, businesses can discover a new form of free advertising with benefits such as posting ads for sales or offers and spreading awareness. There is no cost to join this campaign, which will help businesses during these tough times to market themselves.

Businesses can benefit with access to great free resources such as social media graphics, flyer designs and educational resources designed to propel your business forward to recovery. These resources include a marketing and communication plan, crisis messaging template, how-to craft effective promotions and more!

Community members can benefit from visiting the website as well. With one central website to browse all businesses in the form of a directory, locals can see all offers and sales currently happening and make purchase decisions with ease.

Here are a few simple ways for you to help the community.

  1. Eat out at a local restaurant
  2. Buy a gift card to your favorite restaurant, retailer or small business
  3. Spread the word about Lee County Bounce Back

Our goal for this campaign is to encourage consumers to consciously think about shopping locally wherever possible in order to boost the local economy.

This campaign has gained the support from the City of Auburn, City of Opelika, Opelika Chamber of Commerce, Auburn Chamber of Commerce, Auburn Opelika Tourism and Opelika Main Street.

"We are excited about Lee County Bounce Back. This is a great way for our community to come together and share information in an effort to help our local businesses. They need our support more than ever right now. Do your part and visit the site for specials and offers right here in your own community," said Community Relations Officer for the City of Opelika, Leigh Krehling.

Learn more at where your business can register online to be able to post your sales and download all the great free resources!

Like and follow the Lee County Bounce Back campaign on Facebook at

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Inner Spark Creative Interns
Inner Spark Creative Interns
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