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The benefits of being a member of the Opelika Chamber of Commerce

We are very proud to say that Inner Spark Creative is an active member of the Opelika Chamber of Commerce! The chamber proudly supports local economic and business development for the city and has been active for nearly 75 years, hosting events, seminars, and building businesses in the city. Before they were even an official entity, the chamber began leading economic development in the community, dating back to 1910. As a local business, we support their mission to support and better the city of Opelika and Lee County.


The Opelika Chamber of Commerce is an Alabama Accredited Chamber of Commerce and widely recognized around the state of Alabama as a leader in development for local organizations, economy and businesses. The Chamber of Commerce hosts a program called Lee County Young Leaders, helping prepare young individuals in the area to be successful. They also host other programs to help promote and celebrate business leaders in the area such as Leadership for Lee County and 20 under 40. These programs help shape the future of Opelika! The Chamber proudly gives recognition to individuals that the community has benefited from.

The Opelika Chamber of Commerce hosts over 200 events in the town each year including golf tournaments, business after hours, seminars, Christmas parades, networking events, and women in business organizations. While these are fun social events, they are also beneficial to our business. These events allow us to be involved in community events and hold a presence in the area. We are constantly building relationships with other small businesses, sharing ideas, creating a network and staying connected with others.

One of the best things the Chamber of Commerce offers that we love to participate in are the networking opportunities. Through the chamber, people are able to connect with businesses online and at networking events. We have met so many talented people through this that share skills which enhance our company. The chamber helps people find careers and jobs every single day, which contributes to a better local economy and community. Individuals often come to the chamber looking for opportunities, and having a resource for networking is beneficial for the wider community.

The chamber allows businesses to connect with other business through events they have. Inner Spark Creative are predominately a business to business (B2B) company where we provide services for other businesses. This means that we are always connecting with other local companies who may match up with our visions. The chamber allows us to find clients or partners we can work with on marketing and advertising projects. These opportunities help B2B companies, like us, find potential clients,and also allow us to collaborate and share ideas with other small business owners. Building relationships with other companies is a lifelong asset for us as we believe in being a partner, rather than a vendor, and the chamber has facilitated various opportunities to help build those relationships.

The seminars that the Opelika Chamber of Commerce offers align with our beliefs; always striving to improve and to learn more. These seminars introduce us to new ideas and practices that we can implement in our business. They offer seminars on many different topics from leadership within businesses to how to build relationships with clients. These are educational tools that are useful to any industry and an asset we take full advantage of as we get to listen to community leaders provide their knowledge and their thoughts.

Here at Inner Spark Creative we truly believe in connecting with our community as many of our clients are local to us. The Opelika Chamber of Commerce gives us the ability to connect and get to know our neighbors through their drive for economic development in the area. We believe in enhancing the community and, the Opelika Chamber of Commerce provides events that allow us to exactly that. The Opelika Chamber of Commerce fosters great opportunities and networking events for all local businesses and for businesses across all of Lee County, not solely Opelika. Building local relationships in the community is an asset that we value here at Inner Spark Creative.

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Inner Spark Creative Interns
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