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In 1997, the term search engine optimization ( SEO ) originated. Since then, businesses of all industries have utilized organic search results to increase their awareness online. SEO is the process of optimizing your website to rise in the rankings of search results to generate traffic to a company’s website. SEO is a fantastic way to boost exposure and awareness of your company. With digital marketing tools on the rise, Inner Spark Creative believes that SEO is great for all industries to invest in. Below, are a list of five of the top industries that we believe benefit most from SEO.

1. Real Estate

In this digital age, more and more real estate decisions are being made online. Companies in the competitive real estate industry must use this to their advantage. Using SEO for real estate can increase web traffic and enhance the visibility of your listings. Real estate companies can target audiences in the different locations their listings are in with local SEO. For example, if a future homeowner searches “home listings in Auburn Al,” local SEO techniques will introduce an Auburn-based real estate company as a top-ranked result. This will lead to the future homeowner clicking the listing or company's website and potentially generating business

2. Hospitality and Tourism

When people from outside of the town that a business is in are looking for a place to stay or visit, they use the Internet to search. Many individuals do not look deep into search results to find a place to do business with. More than 90% of people never click on the second page of Google search results. This is a reason SEO is so important for hospitality venues like hotels, motels, or resorts. When people are looking for a place to stay they want to choose the first, top-rated venue. With the help of search engine optimization a venue’s website or online booking system will be elevated to the top search result leading to clicks.

3. Medical Practices

Whether it is a physician, pediatrician, dentist, or others in the medical industry, there are many local medical practices in an area that people will search for. If someone is new in town, or looking for a new family physician people will likely use Google to start their search. Local SEO can help ensure that people will be able to find a medical office over other local competitors. Searchers will be able to search the type of medical service they need or a town they need a medical provider and using SEO, the business will be sure to be seen as a top-ranking result.

4. Local Services

There are many local services that are offered in cities that need SEO. Local services include lawn care and landscaping, pest control, home renovators, and more. These are services that just about everyone could use. With the help of SEO, as soon as someone looks into finding a service that a business provides, the business will be one of the first they see. Search engine optimization will also help a company stand out from the rest of its competitors. In a local service industry, it is important to be a noticeable and notable option of business and SEO will help with this.

5. Legal Services

If you are looking to increase business in legal services, organic search traffic is a significant type of advertising that sometimes can go overlooked. Law services are something that will consistently be necessary to be provided for the people. When people are searching for law firms near them or specializing in a specific type of law, it is ideal that your firm will be viewed first in the search results. It is important when using SEO that firms emphasize on their website the specificities, including the type of law practiced and the location. This will lead to the website’s ranking increase which results in increased exposure of the business.

The Bottom Line

There is an increasing number of people who use search engines with the intent to find businesses and services they need. The search engines will look to send users to the best place possible to fulfill the user’s intent. Utilizing SEO, search engines are more likely to feature a website higher up in its search results pages. This is why SEO is so important for not only these specific industries but every industry

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Inner Spark Creative is a full-service advertising agency with a vast knowledge of the latest digital marketing techniques and tools to help your business be a leading competitor in its industry. We offer services where we use innovative SEO strategies for your website to ensure your business is more visible to your prospects in organic search results. We offer complete website design and redesign, with all of our designs and website aspects built to follow the best practices for search engine optimization and rank your website as high as possible. By utilizing the best tools to monitor traffic and rankings, as well as, constantly looking for improvements, Inner Spark Creative is a master of the digital marketing field. Contact us today for our superior digital marketing services, including search engine optimization, website design, pay-per-click advertising, and more!

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