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9 Reasons Your Business Needs Local SEO Services

9 Reasons Your Business Needs Local SEO Services

Do you want to improve your search engine rankings and bring awareness to your business' website? Then keep reading for 9 reasons you need local SEO Services.

Wouldn't it be great if your local customers could find you at the exact moment they wanted your product?

They can when you use local Search Engine Optimization (SEO) services to make your business appear in online searches. Local SEO is a great way to get noticed, get your message heard, and reach the nearby audiences you need to succeed.

Today, we're breaking down nine reasons you should invest time and energy into local SEO services.

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1. Consumers Use Search Engines

Google reports that 4 out of 5 consumers use search engines to discover local businesses. Moreover, 72% of people who search locally will visit a store within 5 miles.

Plus, 30% of mobile searches are directly related to location.

In July 2016, Google introduced the Pigeon update, which gave businesses the capability to compete for search ranking at the local level. Google will boost results to show businesses that are near the searcher.

Local SEO services are essential if you want your customers in your area to find your business when they search online.

2. Local Search Reaches Your Target Audience

Imagine that someone five blocks away from your store is looking for your exact product.

They type a few keywords into a search engine. Your business matches their inquiry. Sadly, you won't appear in the results because you never claimed your business listing or optimized your website for local search.

Now, imagine someone is five blocks away and searches for your product, and you show up first in the search results.

That's the power of local SEO services.

It reaches your target audience — the person who is already in search of your product — at the exact time they want it.

Boom! You have a new customer.

3. Local Directories Dominate Search Results

Despite the large numbers of consumers using search engines, many small businesses don't claim their online business listings. Don't be that guy.

The easiest way to show up in local searches is to list your business on popular directories like Yelp, Google, Bing, BBB, Angie's List, Merchant Circle, and Yahoo.

Each listing should have the correct name, address, phone number, category, social profiles, and photos for best results.

Most directories ask you to choose several categories for your listing. Don't skip this important step. Search engines use the categories to determine if your business is relevant to a local search.

If there is conflicting information about your business (different phone numbers or street addresses), Google and other search engines may decide the information is unreliable. There's a chance they won't include your business in search results.

Directory listings often fill the first page of local search results. Get your business listed accurately in as many reliable local directories as possible, and you'll dominate the search results! 

4. Mobile Searches are Exploding

Mobile devices account for more local searches than desktops.

Even better, experts report that 78% of local mobile searches lead to an offline purchase within 24 hours. You want those odds, don't you?

Additional studies on mobile users show over 50% of web visitors will quickly leave a website if it isn't mobile-friendly. Make sure your website is optimized for mobile, and you'll be optimized for local.

You can increase your in store traffic and sales with a mobile-friendly website that appeals to local mobile searchers.

5. You Can Leverage Valuable Reviews 

Online reviews are another important factor in local search results.

Google uses online reviews as part of their ranking formula. Businesses that give rapid replies and include owner responses will rank higher in search engine results.

Don't be afraid to answer criticism. A fast, empathetic solution to a customer's problem can result in a positive experience.

If your business is reviewed on multiple sites, that helps your ranking, too. Monitor your reviews to thank customers, provide answers to questions or problems, and eliminate spam.

Studies show that most consumers trust consumer reviews they see online. Don't hesitate to ask your trusted customers to leave positive feedback and reviews.

6. Photos Convert Searches to Sales 

Consumers want to see your products and services. You can show them what you offer with clear, vibrant photos.

Most local sites (Google, Bing, Yelp) let you upload multiple photos. Do it. Include pictures of products and employees.

Many people perform local searches to confirm the location of your store before they visit. Photos of your building will help them find you.

Photos show customers you have what they want. Use photos to convert client searches into sales.

7. Social Profiles Extend Your Reach

Your social profiles are an extension of your business. People expect to find you on Facebook , Twitter , Instagram , Pinterest, etc.

Double check that the information on all your social profiles matches your website and directory listings.

Social media gives you a direct, friendly way to interact with consumers. It's also more personable than a website.

You can answer questions, address complaints, and engage with potential customers. Use social media to announce good news or a special event.

Social media gives your customers another way to see who you are and what you offer. It adds another level of trust and familiarity that can lead to new and repeat customers.

Don't use social media for hard sell techniques or you'll alienate your followers. Instead, think of it as a casual conversation.

8. It Puts You on the Map

Today, people rely on the Internet in the same way they relied on phone books years ago.

If they can't find information on you in local search results, you won't get their business.

Additionally, people want to find you in multiple places online to confirm your credibility. Make sure you're where they are. Research where your customers hang out online, then engage with them there.

Don't forget to claim your business on Google My Business or Bing Places for Business to literally put your business on the map in local searches.

If you don't show up there, you're invisible.

9. Local SEO Services Are Efficient and Effective

People search online to learn about your business before they call or visit. Be there. Tell them what they want to know.

A focus on local SEO eliminates wasted time and money spent reaching out to people who aren't interested or ready to buy. No more ads in the wrong publication, or direct mail that doesn't reach your audience.

Instead, you'll reach your target customer in the best way — on their terms. Your products and services are offered when they search for them.

Your Next Step: Becoming a Local SEO Expert

Inner Spark Creative can show you how local SEO services can keep your business top of mind (and top of searches) for current and potential customers.

We'd love to chat with you. Contact us for a free consultation to learn how local SEO services can help your business!

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