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Social media platforms that focus more on messaging can be extremely beneficial for advertising your brand or business. These platforms offer an array of advertising opportunities that target and engage with customers in multiple ways.

Here at Inner Spark Creative we understand that your business needs to be well rounded in all of its advertising efforts. Through the use of various forms of advertising and marketing strategies, our team is able to formulate a strategic approach that will help to boost your business. Here are messaging apps that have the potential to be beneficial to your business if utilized correctly:

Facebook Messenger

With 2.7 billion monthly users, Facebook is a booming platform, which includes its messenger feature.

Introduced in 2017, Facebook messenger ads should not be looked past. These ads are positioned differently than traditional Facebook ads in the way that they are best utilized as conversation prompts. These ads are used to not only promote a company or product but they also have the goal of engaging the consumer in a conversation with the ultimate goal of making a sale or conversion.

Along with engaging ads that may spark curiosity or a question, Facebook introduced the usage of chatbots to aid in increasing conversations. These chatbots are a great foot in the door opportunity for businesses as customers can be easily helped or directed to the correct customer service person depending on their concern or issue.


Snapchat is a very popular app among younger generations. With the ability to quickly converse with friends by sending snapshots of yourself or what's happening around you, this app is fun and casual.

Along with its convenient picture messaging feature, Snapchat also offers the ability to place ads. With options available for ads to be placed between news stories, snapchat stories and more, these ads can be placed through the Snapchat Ads Manager portal.


WhatsApp is a popular messaging app that is used by younger generations.

While previously banning the inclusion of advertisements, WhatsApp has recently changed this rule. Now the platform can be used by companies to engage with their followers by creating a chat for their business that app users can directly message or by taking advantage of their status updates. These status sections are similar to Snapchat stories and can be updated daily with your businesses choice of ad.


With the creation of Instagram stories, this app has become a popular messaging platform.

Instagram stories are quick and allow for engaging advertisements to be shown. With the feature of encouraging viewers to swipe up on stories, these advertisements are an easy way for followers to ask questions and gather details.

Just like Snapchat, these advertisements are shown between stories and consist of photos, videos and slideshows.

Here at Inner Spark Creative we aim to serve as a marketing partner. As experienced advertisers and marketers, we will work alongside you to best determine your businesses next steps. We know that your company's image is important which is why we formulate plans that will help to boost business. Contact us today to learn more about how we can best assist you.

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