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Person participating in a Zoom video conference, demonstrating the benefits of virtual company meetings.

Zoom has changed the way businesses and organizations are able to communicate with employees and clients around the world. There are so many pros to hosting company meetings via this platform, which is why it continues to be used today. During the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, Zoom became a solution for many businesses and schools that had to be closed or quarantined. Everyone met virtually through this video conference service and managed to continue their tasks from home, opening a world of opportunities. Today, thousands of businesses use it for meetings and events thanks to its convenience and efficiency. Continue reading to learn how using Zoom for your meeting is so beneficial.

It’s Simple

If you’ve had to go through the transition from in-person meetings to virtual ones, you know that sometimes it can get complicated and confusing. Thankfully, Zoom is very user-friendly with a simple website design so you don’t have to waste any time going through a setup process. Many features are one-click and have labels to help you navigate your options. One of the best parts about Zoom is the fact that it can be used on any device. With the same easy usage on all these devices, you can host or join a meeting from your smartphone, laptop, or conference room at any time. It’s so easy that many elementary schools chose to use Zoom to hold classes while under quarantine!

Reach a Larger Audience

Zoom allows you to hold meetings with countless participants from anywhere at any time. This has opened doors for businesses to share information with a large group of people at once rather than having to send a mass email or pass out a document. With multiple unique features, Zoom also lets hosts invite collaborators to assist or join in leading conferences. Not only can you meet with people in your office, but with an international calling option, you can reach people around the world. Your business or organization can save money by holding online meetings instead of paying for business trips, if necessary. With a steady growth rate in 2022, Zoom is proving to be a reliable choice for many companies.

Screen Sharing

Arguably one of the more beneficial features of Zoom, screen sharing has brought countless opportunities for content marketing, social media advertising, and many more industries that use technology for their tasks. During a meeting, you can share visuals like graphs and charts with a group so you’re once again saving time and resources instead of printing or sending out an email with the information. Additionally, Zoom lets you record meetings so you’re able to watch them again or send them to others. Your documents and presentations will never have to leave your computer!

Individual and Group Meetings

While Zoom is most known for its group meetings, you also have the option to meet with an individual in a virtual one-on-one. This will make personal meetings much easier and offer more flexible availability for both parties. Trying to schedule a meeting in person when everyone is in the same place at the same time isn’t always possible, so this feature is one to consider for your needs. As for larger audiences, Zoom has a chat option within meetings where you can choose to send a private message to a specific attendee or a public one to the whole group. Sometimes technology can get tricky, so you’ll have the opportunity to still speak up even if you can’t use audio or visual settings.

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