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While it seems a lot easier to post the exact same content to all of your social media platforms, it is not beneficial. Your audience varies throughout the different social media platforms. Your audience on Instagram will be different compared to your audience on Twitter or Facebook . Each of those audiences has different expectations for your posts. The posts entail what you write and how it is written.

Posting the same content to each of your social platforms restricts your marketing strategy ’s potential. Being able to differentiate posts for the various social media platforms will help boost your account and audience. There are various different caption lengths for different social media platforms, so it is important to be aware of how long your captions are allowed to be. If your caption lengths are not appropriate for the social media platform, then the posts will not be successful. Here are some generalized ideas about what to post on each social media platform.


Instagram is a visual-focused social media platform. Often the types of visuals you see are photos, graphics, and videos. The majority of them try to be attention-grabbing, inspiring, educational, and funny. Each account is trying to post something that makes them stand out from its competitors. As Instagram and most social media networks have grown and changed over time, professional photos are not the only type of content you will see. The graphics will include text which can be informational, inspirational, or even memes.


When Twitter was originally created, it was a text-only platform. Soon after, it evolved to include links, videos, photos, and gifs. Today, Twitter is used heavily as a news platform. It can keep you up to date on breaking news and trending topics. However, it also has a plethora of relatable and humorous content. Links work well on Twitter’s platform and can be very beneficial when promoting your brand .


LinkedIn is a professional-oriented social media platform. It is a great network to build yourself as a leader and create professional connections. Some common posts include talking about your company and sharing posts from people within your company. When you are sharing links, you should add your own commentary to them. On LinkedIn, long text posts are more common than you would think. It is totally okay and acceptable to share some inspirational work advice. Some other kinds of posts even include case studies and company culture. The common denominator of each LinkedIn post is that people should be able to relate it to their everyday life.


Facebook offers a variety of different types of content, so it can be more challenging to narrow down what works best. However, video posts often work best on Facebook along with informative or attention-grabbing links. Other types of posts include funny, practical, and inspirational posts. The performance of the post is affected by the Facebook algorithm, so make sure to test your account to figure out what your algorithm is.


The main purpose of Pinterest is used to collect ideas. The content that works well is normally classified as informational, educational, and/or inspirational. The posts are long, vertical, and eye-grabbing. To make the Pin stand out, curate a strong headline for your content.

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