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Over time marketing trends change and new trends are created. There are many different ways to stay up to date with potential new trends or enhance the skills you already have within your marketing career. Whether it's taking an online course or enhancing the skills you already have, there are many ways to broaden your knowledge in marketing.

Online Courses

There are a variety of different sites with online courses to help broaden your knowledge within the marketing field. These sites include HubSpot Inbound Marketing, Hootsuite Training, Facebook Blueprint Free Online Courses, and more! There are many different types of courses to take within each of those sites, anywhere between social media courses or gaining knowledge on how to build a larger audience. As trends change and things go in and out of style, there is more information to learn in marketing. Different careers and promotions will require more skills and certifications with the different courses that are created.


Throughout many different types of careers, mentorship is important. You can never be too old or too young to find someone to look up to. You can find a mentor yourself or be assigned one. There are many different ways to find a mentor or even become one to a potential prodigy. Mentors will be able to pass down their tips and tricks they have learned in the marketing field. Mentors can also help with personal issues if you ever just need an outside opinion and are having a hard time.


Networking is very important when expanding your knowledge within your career field. Connecting with people on Linkedin is an easy way to expand your connections. However, if you want to make those connections useful, then messaging them is a great way to expand your knowledge within your field. You are able to ask how they handle certain situations or tasks and then compare them to what you are doing. This will allow you to expand your knowledge.

Analytical Skills

Analytical skills are very important for marketers to know and broaden their understanding of the business. In Marketing it is important to understand various different skills and how to use them. You must be able to understand problems and how to solve them. It is always important to refresh your knowledge with different skills. Just because you have had these skills since you were in school doesn't mean you cannot improve them. Here are some important marketing skills that are important to continue to refresh yourself on:

Critical Thinking: Critical thinking is an important skill to always refresh yourself in. Being able to think critically allows you to understand different perspectives involved in problem-solving. This will help you solve problems you were not aware could have been an issue. Types of critical thinking include decision-making, case analysis, content and brand auditing, and much more.

Data Analysis: Being able to collect and read data is important, but it is not the only thing necessary. You are able to make sense of the data and understand the importance of the information in front of you. By being able to pull the data from the decision-makers, you will be able to give accurate info to key decision-makers in order to make decisions. Examples of Data Analysis include SWOT analysis, industry and market research, measuring customer satisfaction, and more.

Creative Thinking: Finding new ways to brainstorm is great. Brainstorming with a team is even better. It allows people to bounce ideas off of one another and potentially come up with a resolution that would not have been thought of when brainstorming alone. Types of creative thinking include brainstorming, collaboration, SEO , branding, and even more!

Communication: Being able to communicate is a critical, must-have skill for many employers and careers. When in the marketing field, being able to give effective feedback is important. Communication also keeps everyone equally informed on any campaigns or tasks being worked out. Some examples of communication are active listening, body language, written and verbal communication, respect, empathy, and so much more.

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