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Person browsing on a smartphone, illustrating the shift in marketing strategies due to mobile technology.

Mobile devices have easily become the most efficient way to advertise and communicate your brand with a broad range of audiences from around the world. Mobile marketing takes place through smartphones, tablets, and other handheld devices that continue to be introduced as time goes on. With this shift came all kinds of social media , websites, and apps that are used by companies for online marketing. These are some of the biggest ways the use of mobile devices has changed the world of marketing.

Easy Access

Cell phones and tablets have made it easier than ever for users to access the internet and connect with others. Mobile-friendly websites and ads are much more preferred to those designed around desktops, especially since more than half of internet traffic comes from phones today. As the most used search engine, Google can determine how usable your site is and, in turn, place it higher or lower on people’s SERP (search engine results page). Today, it’s crucial for your web design to fit the layout of as many mobile platforms as possible.

Another element that advertising agencies should take note of is the location services that mobile devices use. With over 4 billion people actively using social media, companies are able to reach a much broader audience from around the world, giving them more exposure and faster success. You no longer have to be in a specific spot to purchase something on your phone or reach out to a company, so customers can use your goods or services from anywhere. On top of this, ads are now easy to find and can filter based on your interests and browsing history, making people more likely to engage.

Fast Communication

Smartphones have made almost everyone’s lives easier when it comes to communicating with others. Whether it’s through a text message, phone call, or email, there’s an easy way to contact who you need without finding a payphone or landline. Many businesses choose to add SMS and email marketing to their plan because these are checked often by users and can lead to more exposure. Clients can decide if they want to share their email addresses or phone numbers to receive promotional content and news about your company.

Another reason mobile devices have helped businesses gain exposure is because of the many links available through these mobile-friendly websites. Most companies should include some kind of “Click To Call” option online which gives customers an easy way to reach you for questions. It’s also a good idea to link any other social media accounts your company has to make those reachable, as well. These options make it simple for your audience to share content because while smartphones receive incoming messages and information, they also help people send and export it just as much.


Advertising has become much more available thanks to the number of people who use apps and social media through their phones. In fact, 49% of users have expressed that they’re more likely to make a purchase from a brand that advertises on social media versus one that doesn’t. The most impactful ads tend to be videos which usually appear as a short break between scrolling or gaming. Apps that are growing like TikTok and Instagram are good starting points for placing your ads because of the increasing audience.

As the top search engine on the internet, Google has also offered companies plenty of options for branding and advertising. Due to the amount of online traffic they receive, Google Ads have a much better chance of being seen because you don’t have to click on a website for them to be visible. It’s very important to have a good understanding of SEO so you know what type of content you can include in your marketing strategy . This will result in your ad showing up on more people’s results pages when they use Google to search.

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