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Marketing Influencers

Whether you like them or not, influencers seem to be here to stay. Coming in all shapes and sizes, the number of influencers on social media increase every day.

Influencers can be a great method for brands to grow and engage with their audiences via social media platforms. However, you can not just scroll through an influencer’s account and decide whether they would be a good match for your brand . Choosing the right spokesperson for your company is an important task that involves research and communication.

The first thing to consider when looking for influencers is to decide whether you would prefer a micro-influencer or a macro-influencer. According to Trend, micro-influencers are those who have at least 2,500 followers and have an engagement rate of 7%. They continue to be categorized this way until reaching 100,000 followers. Once an account reaches that 100,000 follower count, they can then consider macro-influencers.

Without proper research, it may seem like a better option to go all-in with a couple of macro-influencers, but really it depends on your goals. Micro-influencers typically have higher engagement rates and build more trust with a close-knit audience. On the other hand, macro-influencers will reach more people and typically are a type of celebrity that allows them some authority in certain industries.

Now that you have narrowed down your choices, you need to make sure that any potential influencer aligns with the goals of your brand. This is extremely important because you want to be sure that their audience will connect with your product and not only take the influencer’s word on its quality but be motivated to try it out for themselves.

So what should you look for when scrolling through accounts and researching influencers?


Clearly, looking at the account’s audience will be a necessary task before deciding to choose that influencer as a spokesperson. If you are selling makeup or women’s skin care then you would not choose a male athlete who promotes athleisure. You must see what types of users are following the engagement with the influencer’s content to ensure that they will connect with your products.

Engagement Rate

This rate will show you how much the influencer’s audience resonates with and responds to the content that they are putting out. Influencers who are consistently receiving positive feedback and high engagement rates are likely to have built a level of trust with their audiences.


This is such an important aspect to look at, especially now. The public is generally looking for genuine content and for people to be their authentic selves. If you choose an influencer who does not perfectly align with your brand and product, their audience will most likely connect the dots and begin to consider not only that influencer fake but also your brand.

When influencers truly love your brand and products they will undoubtedly be better spokespeople for you. The authenticity will shine through in their captions. Users will see this and appreciate it.


Related to authenticity is the values of that influencer. It is vital to choose accounts that share your values and aspirations. For example, if you own a meat delivery company, you would not choose a vegan account to promote your products. That simply would confuse their audience and receive negative attention.

An effective way to find what they may think about your brand is to search for content where they have stated their opinions on the industry that you are involved in. This commentary is typically a good judge of whether it would be a positive collaboration or not.

Content Quality

Naturally, content quality is extremely important. If you value your brand's image it is important to make sure that there is no content being released about your products that is bad quality. Also, higher quality content typically correlates to higher engagement rates and more followers.


In order for this collaboration to be a positive one, you should make sure that the influencer you are thinking of working with is reliable and proactive. If they are slow at replying to your messages then it could be difficult in the future to decide on other collaborations.

Anyone that you are considering working with should answer quickly and professionally to all communication.

A final aspect to look out for are fraudulent accounts. Sometimes users will buy followers and likes to appear like they have more popular accounts than they actually do.

These are some things to watch out for when it comes to fraudulent accounts:

  • Their content quality is poor but still have a large following
  • They have a very small amount of content on their feeds but still, have a large following
  • Very high or very low engagement numbers
  • Videos have a low number of views compared to their number of followers

Another thing to keep in mind is how influencer marketing will change during and after COVID-19. Due to more and more people staying home and spending increased time on social media platforms, there are more ways to use influencer marketing to the benefit of your company. To learn more about the future of influencer marketing check out this page.

Here at Inner Spark, we want to help you grow your social media and improve your online presence. Influencers can be helpful but might not always be the most effective option for your business. Contact us today at (334) 826-7502 or visit our office to learn more about how we can assist you with all your social media needs.

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