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Local Political Ads

Auburn city council elections are underway. When done correctly, Facebook ads are an effective and economic way to reach voters in specific neighborhoods. With this election coming up, Inner Spark is working on advertising campaigns and marketing plans for these candidates to use. Here at Inner Spark, we understand the process Facebook uses to approve or deny your ads.

Facebook recently announced a series of changes to how political advertisements run on its platform. One of the most recent changes is a screening process implemented to try to filter out any political ads from suspicious sources. Facebook stated that, “Any advertiser running election-related or issue ads who is located in or targeting people in designated countries must complete the authorization process required by Facebook.”

Anyone who wants to promote campaigns or advertise a political candidate needs to be aware of this process Facebook requires in advance. The screening process has several layers and is time-consuming. Inner Spark has gone through this process and has been approved. In fact, Inner Spark has already begun a successful Facebook ad campaign, reaching the voters of Ward 2 for candidate and longtime client Brett Smith.

With the local Auburn City Council elections coming up, Inner Spark is happy to help with any of your campaign needs. Facebook ads are a great tool, but Inner Spark can also assist with branding, web development, photography, graphic design , and printing. If you are running for office or managing a political campaign, Inner Spark would love to give you a free consultation.

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