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The Future of Influencer Marketing After COVID-19

COVID-19 has resulted in most people having to stay at home for the past couple of months. Due to this, digital has taken over. Whether it is being used to receive news updates, stay in touch with friends and relatives or, how most brands are using it, to sell products and services.

Audiences want to receive communications digitally now, leading to a shift in influencer marketing. If you thought you were seeing a lot of it before, be prepared for major changes and increases in this area.

Live Streaming Increase

Live content is when any social media user streams over the Internet in real time. Platforms such as Instagram , Facebook and Tik Tok have this capability. These live streams allow for more interaction between the streamer and the viewer, offering a comment section that is also real time.

We saw an influx of live streaming at the very beginning of quarantine. It began with free workout classes from many types of brands, then it switched over to cooking tutorials and concerts from musicians. Live streaming became a normal occurrence.

Brands are able to get a deeper connection with their audience over live stream than if they were to post a pre-filmed video. One advantage to Instagram Live is the ability to go live with another user, even if you’re not in the same place. This allows for brands and influencers to chat together while having that live audience listening in.

Emphasis on Micro-Influencers

A micro-influencer is someone who has a smaller following but is very connected to their audience. They have a very high engagement rate as well. Due to the corona virus outbreak and quarantine, micro influencers have had the chance to grow and obtain more brand deals.

Brands are relying on influencers to sell their products and giving them more freedom. This means that influencers are going to have more creative freedom in brand marketing and we will be seeing a variation in posts from influencers. Micro-influencers are known to be more reasonably priced, therefore more appealing to brands.

There are many benefits of a business marketing on Instagram. Micro-influencers are more accessible and can help your business grow if you’re just starting out.

More Realistic Marketing

Before the pandemic, it seemed that many brands would hire an influencer to sell the product no matter their method. However, influencers must be more creative now because of the limitations on our daily lives. Influencers that saw more success throughout the pandemic were ones who addressed the situation and were more transparent with their followers.

Launchmetrics describes how influencers who showed their “quarantine lifestyle” and how they were adapting gained respect from their followers. There has been a shift in product marketing, challenging influencers to do the most from home rather than traveling the world with a product.

If a brand can show consumers that their product is just as useful at home as it would be in the office or on the go, it will continue to sell. Influencer marketing is becoming more realistic and fitting for our new lifestyle.

Influencer marketing has definitely taken a sharp increase throughout the pandemic. If your business is looking for a new way to market, you should consider lining up some influencers who fit your brand ’s ideals. It is a good way to invest your money right now if you are looking for more business.

According to Edelman, social media use has increased by 61% during the COVID-19 pandemic. We are continuing to see celebrities and influencers utilize their platforms to connect with users. Be sure to partner with trusted influencers and make sure you’re using your money wisely. Using trusted voices can have long term positive impacts on your brand.

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