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Getting the Most out of Social Media

It is no secret that people are spending more time on their phones, and a lot of that time is spent on social media apps. According to Pew Research, nearly three-quarters of American adults are on social media.

Social media is a crucial part of any business, no matter the size. It doesn’t matter if you are a fortune 500 company or only have five employees, social media can help create leads and generate sales.

For small businesses, social media is the perfect tool to connect you directly to your audience to build brand awareness and loyalty. Your customers turn to social media to get information and updates about your business, but if your profile is outdated or non-existent, that is a big red flag.

Getting started with social media doesn’t have to be scary or expensive. But before you begin posting, read these tips for small businesses to get the most out of social media.

Create a Plan

Every good idea must have a plan . You can’t execute a successful social media campaign without a clear goal. Discover your goals and objectives and evaluate ways social media can help accomplish them. Know exactly what you want to accomplish and use social media to do so.

To execute that plan, you must conduct research and create a content calendar. A content calendar allows your business to plan its posts and be consistent throughout the whole campaign.

Know Your Audience

Researching your local competition will help you gauge what you audience wants to see. Do not copy them, but instead learn from their accounts. What platforms are they on? What type of content do they post? Graphics? Videos? Do they use influencers?

Picking a social media platform depends solely on your audience. The demographic your business caters to should determine what platforms you are on. You must choose your platforms wisely, because who you are trying to reach might not be on those apps.

Build Relationships

Yes, it is possible to create and build relationships through social media despite what Catfish says. Social media allows small businesses and its customers the opportunity to communicate directly with each other thus building loyalty.

You can build these relationships through starting conversations. Giving your followers the ability to interact with your posts is essential for increasing engagement. It is also important to monitor and respond to comments and messages to be aware of your brand ’s perception online.

Show appreciation to your followers by liking and replying to their comments. They are the ones who got you where you are today, so thank them!

Stand Out!

Content is the most important aspect of social media. If your content doesn’t look good, no one will stop scrolling to read what you have to say. Using compelling visuals such as photos and videos are a great way to get your audience's attention.

Your content has to stand out and be different in order to be seen. Whether you are curating or creating content, make sure that you emphasize quality over quantity. Your social media posts should be of value to those you are trying to reach.

Track Your Progress

Social media analytics are free tools that allow you to track your social media campaign’s progress and find ways to improve. No matter the size of your business, these tools will help you better connect with your audience and reach potential new customers.

These analytics tools can be confusing, but lucky for you we have created a complete guide to understanding social media insights!

Need More Help?

Social media is a hard task to take on alone. Here at Inner Spark Creative , we know social media like the back of our hand, and are ready to help your business grow by using these platforms. To learn more about how we can help improve your company’s online presence, give us a call at 334-826-7502.

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Inner Spark Creative Interns
Inner Spark Creative Interns
Inner Spark Creative is proud to foster the next generation of digital media experts through our comprehensive internship program. Our interns, primarily sourced from Auburn University, bring fresh perspectives and innovative ideas to our projects. As part of their hands-on learning experience, they contribute valuable content to our platform, demonstrating the skills and knowledge they've acquired. Inner Spark Creative is committed to contributing to the education and professional development of our interns, preparing them for successful careers in digital media and beyond.

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