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Twitter is among the most popular social media platforms used in today’s age. It has over 200 million users, and the popular social media platform is only going to continue to grow . When starting a business, there is a series of checklist items to make including making your brand , starting a website, and maximizing social media. In this article, we will go through how to make a marketable Twitter handle that can take your social media campaign to the next level.

Twitter Handle Dos

Use Your Full Business Name

Make sure your Twitter handle is as close to your business name as possible. This helps with brand recognition and creating an easy, searchable name for consumers. To maximize your social platforms, you need to be easy to find and easy to recognize. Try staying consistent across all social platforms and make it clear that this is your business social account. A marketing agency can help you create an effective Twitter handle as well as handles for other accounts for a consistent campaign.

Use a Shorter Version of Your Business Name if It Is Too Long

A short username is easier for people to spell and remember when searching for your business. If your business’s name is long, people may not remember it as well as a shorter name. There usually is a way to abbreviate or shorten it. For example the NFL team, the Jacksonville Jaguars Twitter handle is just “jaguars.” But it is still clear who they are. If your full business name is too long for a Twitter handle, brainstorm with your marketing agency to create a Twitter handle that still represents your brand and is easy to recognize as your brand.

Use Taglines if Your Business Name is Taken

There are millions of Twitter accounts, so sometimes your preferred username can be taken. If someone is impersonating you and your business name is trademarked then you should report it. However, there are many ways to create another username if your original idea is taken. This should still represent your brand and make it easy for Twitter users to know it is your company and know what you represent.

Be Consistent

Consistency is key! If you already have business accounts on other social media platforms it will be helpful to use the same usernames on every platform. That way it is a lot easier for your followers to identify your business on various platforms.

Twitter Handle Don’ts

Avoid Numbers or Symbols

Unless a number or symbol is relevant to your business or in your business name, it is not recommended to use either. Numbers and symbols can confuse users and make it hard for searching. Having numbers and symbols in your handle can come across as unprofessional and is currently not trending on Twitter. Make sure to talk with your trusted marketing agency to make sure your Twitter handle is trending, accurate, and user-friendly for people interested in finding your socials.

Avoid Witty Names

Witty names can be fun for personal accounts, but they might not be a great idea for your professional business. Many Twitter accounts post tweets with funny personalities behind the posts, but it may not be beneficial to base your entire account around that. You never know what serious situations you may need to address, and a funny handle could ruin the message you want to convey. A professional Twitter handle will help viewers treat you seriously and read what you have to say.

Avoid Underscores

It is common for underscores to be overused and we highly recommend avoiding the use of them. Sometimes they are useful if the name of your business is two words, but you should never use more than one or two underscores in a username. Instead, play around with capitalization if you desire more separation of words in your handle.

Examples of Good Twitter Handles

Yves Saint Laurent @YSL

This is a great Twitter handle! The luxury fashion designer brand has a lengthy name, so they shortened it to an abbreviation. Because of the time and effort they put into building their brand, consumers are easily able to recognize this handle as Yves Saint Laurent. It is short and memorable which makes it easy to find! YSL is also their logo which is a great option for a Twitter handle if you have a long business name.

Arby’s Guest Support @ArbysCares

This is a great Twitter handle that creates a personal connection between Arby’s and their followers while still being recognized and easy to search for. By putting “care” in the handle, it sends a message to their followers without the use of a post. This is a great example of how a Twitter handle can be more than a name, but a message to your potential audience.

Netflix @netflix

This is a simple and memorable Twitter handle. Netflix’s short name makes it perfect for a Twitter handle and, due to strong brand building, Netflix is recognizable all around the world.

How We Can Help!

At Inner Spark Creative , we can create an effective social media strategy that is catered to your business. Along with managing social media, we can help you build your brand. Building your company's brand is essential to your success. Having a strong brand and spreading the word about your brand will increase your audience and your company’s value. At Inner Spark Creative, we are more than a vendor–always a partner. Your success is our success so contact us today to get started on a top-notch marketing plan !

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