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Marketing your product is a tricky thing to nail and needs to be done in a way that grabs your audience members’ attention. It is important to acknowledge the fact that your brand is not the center of your consumer’s world, and advertising is often seen as a nuisance to people who come across it. As technology continues to evolve, information overload has only become more and more prevalent. With endless amounts of material at our fingertips, it can be hard to pick and choose exactly what we consume. To combat this, micro-moment advertising has been created to take full advantage of the instances where your targeted individuals are seeking out information to make sure your product is at the top of their search.

Micro-moments are defined as when someone uses a form of technology (phone, tablet, laptop) to search for a place to go, restaurants, clothes, or any other bits of information or products that they are interested in. This is a very small amount of time for your brand to impact your consumer and convey your message clear and concisely. Micro-moment marketing can be utilized by your business with a few simple changes to your current marketing strategy . Here’s how:

Present your content for quick views

You will want to focus on telling your brand story in a matter of seconds. Micro-moments are just that: micro. You will want to frame your advertising as a snippet into your brand’s identity to intrigue your consumers and leave them wanting to know more, thus extending their time on your pages and channels.

Make sure your platforms are up to date

It is important to make sure all of your website and social media channels are properly functioning and easy to navigate. By giving your customer an enjoyable experience with your website they are more likely to stay on your pages and further explore your products.

Utilize SEO benefits

SEO, search engine optimization, allows for your website to stay relevant when online searches are taking place. It is important to be aware of your businesses standing on search engines to boost your brand’s relevance. The higher up your company’s website ranks on a search engine, the more likely your business is to capture the attention and traffic of your audience.

Keeping marketing fresh can be difficult if you don’t approach it the right way. By utilizing SEO benefits, updated platforms, and concise and clear messaging, you can better target and reach your audience. By keeping up with current trends, you will ultimately generate a loyal and devoted consumer base.

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Inner Spark Creative Interns
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