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What is Reputation Management, and how can you Leverage it to Grow Your Business?

Every bit of information from a restaurant review on Yelp, a price comparison on Amazon, or a network saturated with advertisements on Google is available with a few taps of a button on the internet. Unlimited access to the internet makes it crucial for businesses to capitalize on their internet presence and pay keen attention to the benefits of reputation management.

Before the internet, it was more difficult for unhappy customers and clients to make their experiences known. However, the internet fostered a platform through which consumers can have a very public voice about products and services. It is important to leverage this communication platform and ensure it works for you in a positive way.

Reputation management can be effective in many different ways. Being aware of how a client or customer views a company is crucial to maintaining your credibility and brand influence. The internet is typically the first resource a consumer will flock to for information, and it is important to gauge how your company is ranking on those platforms. Building credibility with your consumer is vital to developing and maintaining a base that you can count on. Google developed an algorithm as part of their overarching ranking strategy, to rank sites that do not provide good services to customers lower than others. Providing good customer service is crucial to maintaining good relationships with your customers. If a customer has a problem and your company handles it efficiently, thoughtfully, and in a friendly manner, there will be a greater chance they come back as a returning customer.

There are a variety of ways to curb a reputation crisis. The most important contributor to a great reputation is consistent and diligent upkeep. Increasing engagement with customers is important. Something as simple as a follow-up email can make or break your relationship with a loyal customer or solidify a relationship with a newly acquired one. Responding to comments and posts on social media can also develop a good reputation for your brand . Make sure you are monitoring what people are saying about your brand on social platforms. It is crucial to be responsive to negative reviews showing you have the desire to grow and learn from your company’s mistakes. On the other hand, seeing how people positively respond to your company and brand is important to maintaining your relationship as well. Know what you do well and know what you need to work on.

In digital marketing , it is hard to maintain a successful company without engaging in some sort of online reputation management. Every sentiment about a brand is available on the internet and if you struggle to navigate your influence on that platform it is easy to get left behind. Online content is constantly circulating with the latest bad review and it is important to know when and how your company is involved. If an issue goes unaddressed on social media or other platforms it can reflect poorly on your brand.

Work to translate your brand's negative interactions into more positive ones. Public relations tactics like social media complemented by with calculated marketing and relationship management techniques can promote a better reputation. Following up with your customers and clients to post a review when they have a great experience can be very beneficial in building your reputation. People are more inclined to post negative reviews if they have a bad experience than post about their good experiences, so by following up with your customers that have a good experience to post a good review, you are increasing the chances of developing a great reputation. An authentic good review could debatably be as effective as an ad because it is a first-hand account of one’s experience. People are more inclined to trust other people.

Good reputations can also be effective when recruiting for employment or new projects for your company. When searching between companies to apply for, many candidates will go to the internet to search for the type of company, company culture, or how you’re customers or clients review your company.

Reputation management is an important facet of any modern business. Knowing how to navigate your place in consumer and client’s minds is important. Following up with customers that have good reviews can generate a lot of good word-of-mouth buzz for your company. Using all these techniques can be beneficial in boosting your company’s reputation and bottom line. Hiring an agency to help with any reputation management needs can be an effective way of propelling your company forward.

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