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Why Is Your New Website Not Receiving Traffic?

So you have just launched a brand new website for your company, but after reading up on your analytics you realize your website traffic is not at the level you’d like it to be. You could have one of the best websites in your industry, but if you are not utilizing the correct tools within it, there are very little odds of potential customers finding your site. Think of your website as a house for your company, the framework is there, but if you don’t build a road to your house how are people going to come visit you? We are here to share with you the top reasons why your website is not receiving traffic and how you can go about finding solutions .

User experience

One of the most basic elements of ensuring you have a good amount of website traffic is if your site is simple for users to use. Google uses an application called Lighthouse to measure the accessibility and performance of your site. When someone performs a Google search, Google will put websites that work the best closer to the top. No one wants to be recommended to a website that does not load, which is why Google implements these measures and it could be the reason you are getting lost in the mix. It is also highly important that your website is mobile friendly, as the majority of web traffic now takes place on mobile devices.


In order to determine the overall quality of a website, Google measures its E-A-T which stands for expertise, authority, and trustworthiness. To make sure your website is getting found on search pages, you need to ask yourself the following questions to see if it fits each requirement.

  • Who is the website content coming from and what expertise do they have?
  • Is your content communicated in an engaging way?
  • Why should we listen to you?
  • What reputation does your business have? Do you have good reviews, articles, or awards that could be helpful to display?
  • Is the content on your website relevant?
  • Is the content on the website free of spelling and grammatical errors? Is it structured in a logical way?

Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization or more commonly referred to as SEO seems like a large concept to grasp, but when implemented correctly can greatly improve your business’ online presence and increase website traffic! SEO refers to how high up your website will show up on Google’s search pages based on certain keywords the public is searching. If you are able to implement these keywords frequently and in numerous places on your site, your website will show up higher up and more frequently as a result! This is a free tool you can implement, but SEO is constantly changing so it will require a bit of work on your end to ensure you are staying updated. Many businesses choose to implement a blog section on their website, as these are great for storing lots of keywords.

Paid Promotions

Even if you have optimized your user experience and implemented SEO on your site, this is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to generating more web traffic. Having a marketing budget set aside to go towards paid promotion will guarantee your website will be in front of people’s eyes. You can put this budget towards many items such as display ads, pay per click advertising, geofencing and so much more! To make sure this money is being spent wisely and generating the correct results, you need to make sure you are reaching the correct target market. Do some research to figure out who your target audience is and brainstorm how you can best reach them through paid advertising. Advertising agencies can be very beneficial in this case by implementing their expertise to make sure your correct audience is being reached through the best advertising strategy for your business.

Putting the work into improving your website traffic does take time, but ultimately will pay off with more visitors, customers, and sales in the future! Remember that simply having a website will not magically increase business, but correct use of advertising and marketing strategies for it will! Here at Inner Spark Creative , we want to be your full-service strategic marketing partner. Not only can we create your website, but we will monitor and increase your traffic through the strategies shared above and much more. Contact us today to get started on reaching your business’ full potential by giving us a call at 334-826-7502.

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