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When you think about some of your favorite products and brands, what comes to mind? Most likely you form an image in your head of what the product looks like, including what colors and images are associated with it.


For example, think about La Croix sparkling water. You can probably spot them on the shelves a mile away in the grocery store because you recognize the branding they use: intricate designs mixed with colors that match the flavor, and a font that feels elegant and fancy.


If La Croix suddenly changed their look, it would probably take you longer to find them, however it wouldn’t prevent customers from buying the product. That’s because La Croix’s branding is so much more than what is shown on the can. It’s about the experience and the consistent taste they offer that sets them apart from a generic store brand.


Your brand is so much more than a logo on a website or product. A brand defines who you are to your customers, and what type of experience you want them to have. A brand can be the difference between long- and short-term customer loyalty.


A brand is not simply one piece of the puzzle to the message you’re trying to convey to your audience. There are several parts to the core identity, but it’s important to ensure these parts work together to create a central look, theme and message.


Ultimately, your brand comes down to what your company stands for and believes in. You need to be able to effectively and consistently communicate that with your audience.


So, before jumping straight into choosing a design that “looks pretty,” sit down with your team or employees and discuss what central message you want your customers and audience to receive. Starting from the bottom and digging through what makes your business unique is a great first step to creating a compelling brand.


Make sure your team can answer the questions, “Why does our brand matter?” and “Why should clients or customers choose us?” If you can’t answer these questions consistently, you are far from developing a strong brand.


Once you can answer these questions confidently, begin to list out phrases that you think best captures your brand. Don’t be afraid to create long lists and write down every idea that comes to mind. No thought or idea is useless during this planning period.


Two separate ideas may even come together to form one! However, remember to be patient as you work through this. Creating an effective brand takes time.


When it comes to your business website, ideally it should be designed to clearly define what you and your services stand for, your authority in your expertise and and compel visitors to want to take action. Taking the steps to do this can take time, which is why we recommend outsourcing projects like these. If you know your business needs help creating a website the effectively communicates your businesses brands, we’d love to help!


At Inner Spark Creative , we help tap into your brand’s distinctive qualities to inform our creative work .


Whether you need help in creating a brand for your business or setting up a website that represents your brand, we are here to help.

Don’t hesitate to contact us to set up a free consultation!

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Inner Spark Creative Interns
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