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Take Control of Your Future

Learn Your Market, Set Your Goals, Form a Plan of Action With the Pros.

A Goal Without a Plan is Just a Wish.

Strategic Communication and Marketing Strategy

It’s easy to spend money on advertising without first considering the merits of that media type or whether your target market will engage with it. A good plan ensures that when your marketing dollars fly away, they won't return empty handed. As strategic partners, Inner Spark Creative believes you should take control of your business’s future by making a plan. And we can help!

Our process takes place over three meetings (2–3 hours each), where we learn your goals, discover your market, and identify how your market will discover you. Afterward, we create a plan of specific, targeted, cost-effective actions you can take and schedule a time to present and discuss it. This plan is intended to be a “living document” that grows and changes with your business.

This service is particularly valuable for businesses that:

  • Are in the start-up phase
  • Are launching a new product or service
  • Want to expand their current market share
  • Need to refocus their marketing efforts
  • Will be reorganizing their companies
  • Are interested in learning and adopting better management and marketing skills

Brett A. Smith,Esq.

“I highly recommend partnering with Inner Spark Creative for your business marketing needs. They carefully put together a detailed marketing and communication plan for my firm which continues to pay off dividends. ...The partners’ attention to detail and genuine caring about the success of my business sets them apart from their competition.”

-Brett A. Smith,Esq.

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