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Staying Relevant in the World of Marketing

2020 has thrown nothing short of a curveball at everything, and that includes marketing. With change in the way that people interact, spend time in public and receive their information, the way that you utilize marketing should be examined.

Marketing, especially in the digital age, is ever-changing. Knowing how to properly target your audience with appropriate content and platform usage can keep you ahead of the curve and setting trends, not just following them. Being aware of what you publish to the public and how it may be perceived is vital when speaking to today's consumers. Below are a few guidelines when approaching marketing:

General Marketing Rules:

The platforms that are used and how we used them to market may change, but some things are consistent in the field. Personally targeting your customers and producing content that feels unique will always gain more attention than generic listings. Creating a personal element across digital platforms can be tricky but with the these techniques it can be done:

  1. Treat your customers how you want to be treated

    While it is never intentional to upset a client, it does happen. Knowing how to approach the situation and calmly resolve it can aid in avoiding any bad reviews or raging customers. Always being available for your clients and conveying their importance across platforms can be done in many ways:

    Rapid and respectful customer service is desired by all. Solving customers issues whether through social media , chat boxes or email shows that there is an empathetic human element to your business.

    Urging customer feedback shows that you desire their comments, whether positive or negative. Asking previous purchasers for their input exemplifies your goal to always improve.

  2. Research your customer

    Knowing who you should target whether it be in person or digitally is key to reaching the right consumers. Asking yourself why you might desire the product or service you offer and how you would go about searching for it can help to understand where you should spend your marketing money.

  3. Show yourself in action

    Dollar signs dont sell products and services, results do. Showing your team or offerings in action will allow those on the fence to see why they truly need to make a purchase. Staying current with how you display your company and everything within will appeal to outsiders more than outdated, repeatedly used sales focused content.

Digital Marketing Rules:

  1. Conquering the Blink Test

    When customers land on your website, blog or other information platform, they will allow a few seconds before they decide if you offer what they desire. Visual elements such as infographics, pictures and videos are more interesting to interact with and learn from than text. While your site should be modern and appealing to the eye, ensuring that the content can be easily seen, understood and consumed by all is vital.

  2. Voice Search is in, Typing is out

    There are more ways to find what you are looking for on the web than simply typing your questions. With smart devices capable of turning your audible words into searches, digital marketers must utilize keyword research that is text and voice search friendly.

Social Media Marketing Rules:

While you may be a seasoned user of various social media platforms it is important now more than ever that they are properly used. Social media channels are flooded every day with content that is not targeted and purposeful.

  1. Valuable content is, well, valuable

    Using appealing content, such as stories, testimonials and action shots, is important when working digitally. Publishing content that represents who you are as a company, beliefs and core values earns consumers trust and is more likely to induce engagement than simple product pictures.

  2. Be a part of the conversation

    Identifying your brand 's voice and using it to engage with customers is important to differentiate yourself. Knowing when to supply more information or make suggestions in a chat can lead to deep relationships and create a dedicated customer base.

  3. Be prepared

    Having content prepared that properly represents your company is important, but being able to adapt is necessary. Creating a brand that is easily recognizable is key to growing your consumer base but being aware of constantly changing societal and digital factors allows for flexibility. In other words, having a game plan is great, but changing it based on the specific conditions will lead to a touchdown.

Email Marketing Rules:

Email communication is on the rise. Email marketing has the potential to be both informative and engaging if done correctly. Including a call to action, is vital in an email in order to redirect receivers to the website for further engagement. Here are ways to properly turn email receivers into interested customers:

  1. Don't try to cover too much

    Emails can be seen as large, blank canvases, but just because there is lots of space for text and content, doesn't mean you should fill it all with information. Being specific in the products and services you mention and focusing on your call to action will entice email receivers to research and invest further in your business.

  2. It’s all in the details

    Simple things like creative subject lines and inserting customer names into the introduction shows that you have made an effort. Creating clickable images and providing links to specific web pages that correlate is also one easy step that simplifies user experience. These minor details do not take extensive amounts of time but can have a great impact.

Navigating the arena of marketing can be overwhelming but knowing your customer and how to start engaging with them can be the start of a bonded relationship. With platforms and trends always changing, it’s important to keep up to date to stay ahead of your competition.

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