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What is an Email Newsletter

Based on current marketing trends, emails can seem behind the curb or outdated. Despite this perception, email newsletters have become an effective means of boosting branded content for your company. Essentially, email newsletters are mass emails that are used in scheduled marketing campaigns and are sent out to your mailing list. They can help build and maintain relationships with your audience to inform them of news, updates, or tips about your products or services. Not to mention, creating an email newsletter is generally relatively easy.

How to Use an Email Newsletter

A newsletter should be used to provide your subscribers with up-to-date information on your business and products. Email marketing typically has a stigma of being a boring tactic that is only used for promotional content. To break this convention, try making your emails entertaining, educational, and engaging. In doing so, you can better influence your audience to stay engaged with your brand ’s content while providing a better understanding of your brand and values.

Benefits of Email Newsletters

Because they give a brand unlimited marketing opportunities, email newsletters can help broaden your audience's outlook on products. Brands also have the ability to determine the amount of included content which can have a range of options from links and visual descriptions to announcements, blogs, and more.

Email newsletters can also help raise sales through customer impulse buying by providing special discounts and offers to your subscribers. Links in your emails can create shortcuts to desired products which customers may then be more inclined to purchase. This can lead to higher sales when compared to other marketing tactics’ return on investment. You can also use email newsletters to expand your audience by providing pop-ups on your website that ask new customers to subscribe to your newsletter. This can help your brand boost its email list while also allowing you to connect with your customers.

Another important benefit of email newsletters is its low cost. This is because there is only a small overhead cost when sending out thousands of emails or using an email newsletter platform. Mainstream marketing channels come at a higher price and are not a guaranteed way to get your target audience's attention. Email marketing can help you reach an engaging audience that is invested in your brand all while providing the ability to announce products and services.

Importance of Email Newsletters for Branding

Branding is one of the most important benefits email newsletters can offer to your business. By including your brand’s logo, colors, and images, you can help the audience become familiar with your brand and content. Email newsletters lead to increased brand awareness by providing additional touch points to target audiences. You also have the ability to choose what audience you want to target by designing your newsletter based on that particular consumer's shopping behavior, engagement, and demographics.

Email newsletters consistently have one of the highest ROIs or return on investment. With this tool you can measure how effective and profitable your newsletters can be in promoting your social accounts, website, links, or new products. With this information readily available, you can also analyze what your consumers interact with the most and what items in your newsletter lead to direct sales. Your brand can influence your consumer’s decision to buy your products. Email newsletters provide you the ability to align your brand with different messages that can better target different customer groups. This, in turn, can benefit and increase your sales.

Building relationships with your audience through a newsletter is easy because it can keep your readers updated on upcoming events and keep your brand prominent in their minds. Whether it is an established customer or a new one, email newsletters will help you develop a trusted relationship by giving them the opportunity to know your brand on a more personal level.

How to Make Your Newsletter Stand Out

Having an email newsletter sounds like a great idea, but with so many out there today, it can be hard to stand out amongst the crowd. Here are a few tips to help distinguish your newsletter from the competition all while making it engaging and profitable for your business.

Design Tips

By incorporating these simple design elements, you can optimize your newsletter to attract the most attention from your target audience.

  • Good Subject Lines: Subject lines should be creative and include engaging headlines that highlight the specific relevance of that scheduled newsletter.
  • Keep Text Short: Keep text minimal, and try utilizing white space to allow the email to be aesthetically pleasing to the reader’s eye.
  • Be Consistent with Font and Images: Be consistent with your design templates each week so consumers will know what to expect and become familiar with your content.
  • Use Engaging Designs: Design your newsletter to showcase the creativity of your brand through images, links, buttons, and tools for your customers to interact with.
Types of Content

Your brand should captivate the consumer with content that is relevant, visually easy to read, and defines what the consumer should do next. This list includes compelling email content that is important to include to build a relationship with your subscribers.

  • Product Announcements: Be sure your customers know about new product launches or services and how this product will affect them.
  • Testimonials: Providing positive feedback from past customers in your newsletter cuts out the need for customers to go searching for them.
  • Website Blogs + Additions: An email newsletter is the perfect place to showcase any new blogs, articles, or posts your brand has produced to provide a one stop shop for your customers.
  • Survey or Polls: Offer your customers a place to provide their opinions and ideas that could better help your brand perform at its best.

How We Can Help

Newsletters can help position your brand above your competitors while encouraging readers to interact with your brand and ultimately buy from your business. Here at Inner Spark Creative , we want to help you grow your brand ’s identity and provide you with the latest tools to do so. We strive to build stronger connections between your company and its customers. Contact us today to schedule a free consultation and see if an email newsletter can benefit you.

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