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The Importance of a Company "Voice"

Your company voice is a part of all of your content for your brand . Advertisements, social media posts, and your website all showcase your company voice. It is important to create a cohesive and consistent voice for your company that is specific to your company beliefs and interests. This requires clear goals, personality, and teamwork to create a consistent voice. Your company voice is an element of your brand as a whole and creates a personal connection between your company and your clients. According to Segment’s 2017 State of Personalisation Report, just 22% of shoppers are satisfied with the level of personalisation they currently receive. This means many brands are failing to represent themselves in a way that actually inspires consumers to become loyal customers. By creating a voice that represents your company, you can create a loyal connection with your customers. Here are a few tips on how to create and use your company voice.

Creating a Voice

Your first priority is finding your company’s “voice”. How do you want your customers to perceive you? You should think of your company as a person with certain morals, beliefs, and motives and use this persona to represent yourself as a company. You can decide your company’s personality, for example you can brand yourself as funny and quirky, or sophisticated and reliable depending on your company and audience. This voice should lead your business in anything it does, especially in your content for advertisements, social media and your website. When a customer reads anything from your business using your different platforms, they should be able to recognize you based solely on your voice without your name or logo being attached.

Brand Beliefs

Decide your brands beliefs and make them apart of who you are as a company. People love to support brand’s who are passionate about things and believe in different causes besides just their own brand name. This voice can also help you make decisions for your company and allow you to expand into future projects. Adding this personal information about your company's beliefs will make customers feel more connected to your brand.


Once you have found your voice, stay consistent with it. Make sure to use the same tone and style of writing in all of your content, so that your voice is cohesive across all platforms. This consistency will make your brand more trustworthy and approachable. This consistency should not only be for how you write, but how much you write. Make sure you have a social media strategy to stay active and current online.


For a company to succeed, it must make sure that all aspects of the business are consistent. You are likely to have a team of people working on writing and creating all the content for your many platforms. With multiple voices representing your company, you need to actively work together to create a unanimous company voice that will be used and replicated throughout all of your content. This means from your replies on an instagram post to your blog posts, your company must have a uniform voice that represents your brand.

Your Audience

Your voice should coincide with your target audience. For your voice to resonate, it must be heard by the correct audience. Focus on targeting an audience that specifically works with your company voice for the greatest customer connection. Not only do you need to find your audience, but also the correct channels to contact your audience. Figure out how your website, your social media pages, and your advertisements can connect with the right audience.

Your company voice can say a lot about your company as a whole. It can define your views, beliefs, personality, and a million other things that make your business unique. Ultimately, no matter how you identify and define your voice, you should make sure you are clearly communicating who you are as a brand, what you are doing, and your business goals. Your brand voice can be your business' most valuable and differentiating asset. Let your brand voice come through in everything you do for your business, so that you can create a personal connection and loyalty between yourself and your customers.
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