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Marketing team in discussion, mapping out roles and strategies for effective campaigns.

Having a team filled with knowledgeable professionals is key at a marketing or advertising agency. Whether you’re wanting to take on a job at an agency, or you’re a business that will soon be working with one, it's important to know the different job positions at the agency and what they do. Each person on a team will have a title and sometimes it's hard to figure out what tasks that job title entails.

Operations Director

An operations director monitors and analyzes the overall effectiveness of the marketing agency. They manage the divisions in order to guarantee the agency’s goals are met for each client. A typical day for an operations director may consist of leading the development of a campaign, administering budgets, and ensuring communication between the divisions is effective.

Marketing Manager

A marketing strategist leads a team of people who are the bridge between the client and their audience. If the client has a product or service to sell, the marketing manager will plan a marketing strategy to execute that. They may identify target audiences, monitor marketing trends, develop campaigns, or just take on a managerial role. A primarily managerial role involves delegating tasks and overseeing the marketing budget.

Account Coordinator

An account coordinator assists account executives by providing administrative support like preparing and filing documents. They are also usually the main point of contact between the client and the agency. Account coordinators will work closely with clients to discover their needs and relay that back to the people who will then develop a campaign. They may also email back and forth with clients to gain approval for designs, copy, etc.

Creative Director

A creative director typically leads a team of creative people who curate the visuals, tagline, and other media for a marketing or advertising campaign. They may brainstorm ideas, do final edits, or just take on a managerial role. This depends on how hands-on the director is or wants to be. If taking on a managerial role, they will oversee the creative department’s time, resources, and communication. They also will handle the strategy, art direction, and execution of art in a campaign.

Art Director

An art director is someone who actually creates the visuals, taglines, and other media for a marketing or advertising campaign. The lines between an art director and a creative director can sometimes become blurred. The main difference between the two is that an art director is focused on visuals and aesthetics rather than strategies. An art director may find themself making decisions about details like colors, fonts, and the overall appearance of a design.

Digital Media Specialist

A digital media specialist creates visual content specifically for digital marketing . That could be anything from website content, article visuals, or even email graphics. They are also typically well versed in web analytics. These website analytics measure things like site traffic, conversion and bounce rates, and clicks. A digital media specialist will then use that information to make adjustments to the visuals on the ongoing campaign or to make decisions regarding the next one.

Social Media Specialist

A social media specialist is similar to a digital media specialist. However, they are creating content specifically for social media platforms like Facebook , Instagram , Pinterest, LinkedIn, etc. Each of these platforms has its own algorithm and analytics. It's important that a social media specialist knows how to use insights and metrics on each platform in order to not only see how much engagement a post is getting but also when and how to post. They will use this data to make adjustments to posting times, caption writing style, or even overall content used during a social media campaign or to make decisions for another campaign.


A copywriter is someone who creates copy, or text, used to sell products and services. A typical day may involve brainstorming, researching, and writing for various digital and print campaigns. A copywriter must be well versed in grammar, spelling, and punctuation while also having the ability to write in different tones given by the client and their wants, needs, and audiences.


An intern is a trainee that has signed to work at an agency in more of a learning capacity. This person may work in a certain division of the marketing department learning under one of the people mentioned above, or they may float around the office gaining experience in many different areas. The scope of an internship depends on what parameters the agency has set up. An intern may find themselves working on small projects, sitting in during meetings, or simply observing.

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At Inner Spark Creative we have a group of employees with the plethora of skills described above. We may not have every job title, but with the help of our entire team, we do every job with the same amount of passion. Because we are a smaller team, we find it easier to connect with our clients as well as our own employees to build a strong bond. You deserve an agency that cares as much about your success as you do. Contact us today to learn about how we use tools and techniques to help you flourish.

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Inner Spark Creative Interns
Inner Spark Creative Interns
Inner Spark Creative is proud to foster the next generation of digital media experts through our comprehensive internship program. Our interns, primarily sourced from Auburn University, bring fresh perspectives and innovative ideas to our projects. As part of their hands-on learning experience, they contribute valuable content to our platform, demonstrating the skills and knowledge they've acquired. Inner Spark Creative is committed to contributing to the education and professional development of our interns, preparing them for successful careers in digital media and beyond.

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